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Can I reduce colours in altered states?

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Can I reduce colours in altered states? [ Dear Dick, Thanks but my question is: Can you reduce all color experiences (irreducible in normal wakeful state)
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2010
      Can I reduce colours in altered states?

      [ Dear Dick,

      Thanks but my question is: Can you reduce all color experiences
      (irreducible in normal wakeful state) into say 3, or can you derive all
      color experiences from 3 color experiences such as redness, greenness,
      and blueness when you are in altered state? If you can do, then that
      altered state is Samadhi-like yogic state, otherwise not. I agree that
      we should experience all. It is fine with me if you cannot do it or
      have no interest in doing it. Cheers! Regards, Ram ]

      Hi Ram,

      Could I first ask a couple of questions please. (1). Why, with reference
      to transcendence into other states, are you so interested in colours and
      the number of them, and in trying to reduce them – to what end and

      (2) Could you please tell me from your experience what Samadhi is like
      and what one finds there? For I have ever been able to get to the
      bottom of what it is supposed to mean exactly. I have heard a lot of
      people using that word, as I have with Enlightenment, but when asking
      them about it and what it is like they had told me nothing – and
      which is not every helpful :- ) And as I say, I do not use foreign
      language, for I don't feel a need for it, English is good enough to
      talk about it and say what this or that means; and to answer questions
      on it.

      However, have I ever tried to diminish the spectrum of the colour range
      in any state of consciousness? No ! Why would I want to do that?
      What would be the point of even trying to do that? For what end? Let
      us take another phenomenon – HEARING. And apply it to normal daily
      life here. Then why would I want to reduce the spectrum of my hearing

      Anyway, to press on. When talking (or asking questions about)
      Transcendence then it is always best to qualify it with the DEGREE of
      Transcendence. The first stage is that when the world disappears –
      it is GONE; it aint there any more. And one is alone in utter
      blackness and there are no colours and there is nothing there to have
      any colours – it is as black as Newagates Knocker. NO LIGHT. But
      whilst there one can still think, ask questions, wonder where the hell
      one is, and one can remember all ones past life just as in normal daily
      life consciousness – except the world aint there.

      People from India also have these experiences for I have met them and
      chatted with them. However, during that state one has the occasional
      vision – Arkon Image Emanations derived from the Archetypes. ALL
      those visions, and no matter what it is a vision of, are in colour. Even
      blind people have them, including those who were born blind. It is all
      there to read in archives. THE BLIND WILL SEE ! Nobody whom I have
      ever come across has ever reported that stage of transcendence as being
      in black and white vision.

      One of the visions which I had at that level of transcendence (which
      you will know because you have read the exegesis) was that Music Made
      of Light experience, which lasted for a long time, and it was wondrous.
      The colours were amazing and so were the visions of it all moving. Why
      would I have wanted to mess about with those colours and visions? But
      one cannot do that anyway, you cannot mess with that stuff. However let
      us cut to a few stages of Transcendence further on than that – to

      Just Prior to that I was in a realm where there were TWO colours –
      White and Gold – it is all in the book. After that came the light
      of annihilation itself. Just one colour BLINDING WHITE LIGHT. And then I
      was dead to conscious existence – I was NO MORE: gone, no
      experiential existence, kaput, gone with the wind, as dead as a dodo,
      extinct; oblivion. But then I came back into consciousness again –
      in the realm of the paradise of the timeless eternity in the ground of
      my being – HOME from whence I come. Back to the beginning of BEING.
      It is the Beginning and the End of BEING. The colours there I described
      well in the book, so there is no need to ask is there.

      What is Samadhi like? Could you describe it for me please. And how long
      were you there in terms of GMT. I was away for three hours GMT. Long
      enough :- ) The house could have caught fire, for there was a big fire
      in the hearth with no guard in front of it and two young kids asleep
      upstairs. But all was fine. I had a cat on my lap the whole time. It
      was quite a shock when I got back. What is Samadhi like? What is
      enlightenment? Anyway, when I got back my awareness of things had
      transcended where it had been the day before. I was aware of more. But
      there was a LOT more to come over the next twenty years. It is all in
      the book.



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