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Re: Your Derivation Paper Sir

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Re: Your Derivation Paper Sir [Re: Your Derivation Paper Sir Dear Dick, Thanks for clarification. It will be nice to get comments from readers: Vimal, R.
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 2, 2010
      Re: Your Derivation Paper Sir

      [Re: Your Derivation Paper Sir

      Dear Dick,

      Thanks for clarification. It will be nice to get comments from readers:

      Vimal, R. L. P. (2009). Derivation of Subjective Experiences from a
      Proto-experience and three Gunas in the Dual-Aspect-Dual-Mode
      Framework.Vision Research Institute: Living Vision and Consciousness
      Research [Available:
      > >], 2(5), 1-140.

      Readers, please feel free to download. OR you can upload the copy (I
      emailed you) for readers.

      Since you are not theory type person, perhaps, when you immerse
      yourself in your mystical state, please try to investigate if you are
      able to reduce (or derive) all innumerable subjective experiences (SEs,
      such as redness, greenness, and so on for color, and other senses,
      painfulness, happiness, sadness, etc.) into (or from) smaller number of

      For example, can you reduce (or derive) all color experiences (over
      700,000 to million) into (from) just three SEs say redness, greenness,
      and blueness, in analogy to red, green, blue colors in TV? Yogis seems
      to claim that they can do it. My article is a
      mathematical/neuroscience/metaphysical model for their claim. Your
      effort will be very helpful as evidence that verifies the claim in
      mystic way (if you are successful in this endeavor).
      Cheers! Regards, Ram 2 Dec 2010

      Ram Lakhan Pandey Vimal, Ph.D.

      Professor (Research)

      Vision Research Institute,

      25 Rita Street, Lowell, MA 01854 and 428 Great Road, Suite 11, Acton,
      MA 01720, USA

      Ph: +1 978 263 5028; eFAX: +1 440 388 7907

      Emails: rlpvimal@...
      3NIXx2eA> , rvimal@...

      URLs: http://sites.google.com/site/rlpvimal/Home
      <http://sites.google.com/site/rlpvimal/Home> ]

      Here you go Sir, I am doing some free advertising for you. A cigar at
      Yuletide would be fine – preferably Cuban and big :- )

      Well, this one is predominantly about vision and colour; so here we go.
      I have not got the faintest idea of as to how many colours and shades
      of each colour which I can see with my physical eyes. Neither do I have
      any interest in trying to count them :- ) I can see what I can see and
      that is it. Nor can I change the way I see it, and neither do I want
      to change the way I can see it, for it is just GREAT mate :- ) I could
      not even begin to count the shades of green which I can see. I don't
      see any point in counting them. I would rather look at them than count
      them. Go out on Exmoor any day where there is sun and you will see
      shades of green beyond your wildest dreams. To be there is ENOUGH.
      Neither have I ever counted the number of trees in a forest. I have
      three apples tress in the front garden, but I can know that without
      counting them; I can just see that there is three :- ) I cannot just
      see that there is ten of something, so I would have to count them. But
      up to about six of something then I would not have to count them. Tis
      funny you know, for I hardly ever remember peoples names, but I never
      ever forget a face. And let us face it, the face IS more interesting
      than the name they call it :- ) If people could swap faces and bodies
      then by what would you remember them? I would remember them by the face
      and the voice; not the body.

      As for the Mystical and Transcendent States then I do NOT immerse
      myself in them – nor can I. I don't even want them. I like it
      here best. So, when they have happened then they just happened, I did
      not do it, and neither would I. What would I want to do that for?

      I am happy to talk about both vision and colours in the transcendent
      states if you want me too. Let me know. But that is not done with the
      physical eyes. I discovered that I had `eyes' elsewhere;
      leastwise I could see; and in three dimensions and in colour; fantastic
      colours which the physical eyes cannot see. Have you ever seen that
      transcendent timeless paradise of the Ground of our Being, and the
      colours there? Tis amazing and wondrous. But once is enough, you never
      forget it. Never met any gods there though – just me. Neither did I
      meet any of them on the way there. And I have never met any here
      either. So I do not talk and write about things which I have not known
      and lived through. Other folks seem to do enough of that :- )

      Dick Richardson

      Stogumber Parish

      West Somerset, England

      07:22 GMT Friday the Third of December 2010 of the common era.

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