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Doing its will ?

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Doing its will ? [ It is odd that in following God`s will we do not have to define God. Stephen Smith] It would help if you explained what it is that you are
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2010
      Doing its will ?

      [ It is odd that in following God`s will we do not have to define God.
      Stephen Smith]

      It would help if you explained what it is that you are attaching that
      word/name to. How else is anybody going to have any idea what it is you
      are talking about? And the god of which religion may one ask? There
      are thousands of them. And they keep coming and then going again. Has
      something done a take over bid for Zeus ? :- ) Well well, they are a
      pesky lot are they not. Always beating each other up. WE can do better
      than that.

      However; when using the word `will' are you meaning
      `willpower' or are your meaning `wants'? Do you know
      what the person next door to you wants? Do you know the degree of
      willpower that person next door has? Are you sure? Yet you know what
      this `god' wants, or you know its degree of willpower. Which is
      it? Also, where did you learn this and what was the learning of it
      like, and where and when did it happen? Tell us about that too. Was
      it a good experiences chatting with this geezer? What did it tell you?
      What language did it speak? Did it have an American accent? If so was
      it North or South?

      Also, talking about both wants and willpower, do you know your own? Do
      you know exactly what it is that you want? What about needs? Do you
      know exactly what you need and when you need it? If so how? Where and
      when did you learn that? And what was that experience like?
      Wouldn't it be nice if people spent more time talking about their
      self and less time talking about other people – and all the bloody
      gods of course.

      Anyway, this god of yours, what does it want? And how do you know? And
      what degree of willpower does it have? Tell us about these things, for
      otherwise it is all hot air isn't it. I take it also that you are
      not this god; for if you were then you would not have one would you.
      So, given that to be the case do you know this thing which is not you
      better than you know what you are? Odd that eh, if that be the case.

      Is there any chance that you have been sold a pup and fallen for it
      hook line and sinker? And if yours be the god of der bibble then what
      of the god of the keran and the god of the matrix machine and the god
      the vikings and the god of the greeks and all the others. Me thinks we
      ought to put them all on the moon and let them fight it out between
      them, alone, and boot their butts out of here, for they are all a
      frigging nuisance. And amen to that. Anyway, it is cold and I am hungry
      and I want a bowl of porridge. That is what I want right now. And I
      have the will and the ability to do it. Can your god do that? Will it
      do it for me to save me doing it myself, and I can sit here and have a
      fag and a beer whilst waiting for my porridge. It will be a long wait
      wont it :- ) I am exceedingly pleased that I was not born and raised
      in America or the Middle East. Thank Ker-Riced for that :- )

      The wind does not blow, for the blowing is the wind, and the sea
      contains no water. A river does not flow – just tell us what you
      KNOW; and wave the rest you oughta.

      Oh yeah and what did your gods only begotten kiddo tell you what
      paradise is like; and the journey to it? What a sham eh. Never mind, I
      will tell you. And I am not even a god :- ) Ker-Riced doesn't it
      STINK ! Dignity? Trustworthy? Integrity? I have seen more crawl out
      from under stones.

      Know Thy Self. And then come to know that which is not you. Then the
      two might dance one fine day. Before you talk of what you aint then
      talk of what you are. And if you don't even know that – well,
      sheesh! Quo Vadis.

      Merlin of Exmoor

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