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Nature Mysticism

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    Nature Mysticism. There are of course a number of references to the phenomenon of Nature Mysticism but it certainly seems to be the case that when most people
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      Nature Mysticism.

      There are of course a number of references to the phenomenon of Nature
      Mysticism but it certainly seems to be the case that when most people
      hear the word Mysticism they take it to mean some kind of mystical
      union with the deity of this or that religious belief system; such as
      Zeus and his mob of cronies up on Mount Olympus, et al. Why do they
      think or assume that? Well, that is not difficult to work out; and it
      was certainly no accident that it came to be that way. It is because of
      this dichotomy that it has always been said that religions would fade
      away if it were not for mystics and yet religious establishments cannot
      abide mystics, and it is said that they make strange bedfellows by
      virtue of which. But they are not bedfellows I hasten to add.

      Nature Mysticism, or natural mystical experience (as though there were
      really any other kind) has nothing whatsoever to do with beliefs or
      religions; it is about us, the very nature of things and the phenomenon
      of the nature of human beings mysterious consciousness and its
      relationship with all things. And I emphasis all things which exist.
      Thus, nothing to do with religions or things that do not exist. It is
      true enough that human beings have the potential to believe in this or
      that, just as one can assume that it is going to rain by virtue of the
      state of the sky, and in which case they may take an umbrella with them
      or stay in. But, their belief that it is going to rain has got nothing
      to do with the phenomena of rain and as to whether it will or will not
      rain; and believing that it is going to rain does not make it rain nor
      does it prevent it from raining. But having a fanatical faith that
      what one is believing in is actually true is where the real and deep
      seated personal and sociological problems set in; and likewise
      alienation, discord and enmity. Beliefs do nothing which is good or
      constructive and much which is harmful and destructive.

      When it comes to mystical experience however, the big danger of
      adhering to a religious package off the supermarket shelf is that it
      only acts to prevent mystical experience from occurring. But they are
      not going to have any of that. Leastwise not in the short term. Maybe
      in a few thousand years time when religious establishments and ideas
      appertaining to it have naturally faded away then its grip on peoples
      minds will not be what it is now. But until then there is no way that
      one can reach such people. Thus my own assertion that religions
      actually hold up a natural evolutionary unfolding of the human mind and
      the development of conscious awareness and the realisation of our place
      in the scheme of things.

      It was of course from mystics themselves that people come to hear that
      there exists a deeper and more encompassing level of reality to be
      known (they never seemed to mention however its unfolding and union
      with all things including the earth itself as another natural
      consequence and resolution of it) and after which what is the
      response of a listener? They can either refute the claim or take it on
      board in some way; even decide to believe what they hear. But believing
      it is not going to make them have it. But if they do believe what they
      hear then, needless to say, they are only hearing words; not
      experiencing a mystical state of consciousness. And what kind of words
      did early mystics use for delivering their experience in terms of

      If one is going to attempt to communicate this kind of thing then to
      some extent one has to use words which more or less correlate in
      likeness with the things that such people already know anyway;
      otherwise one would be talking into a total void of meaning, and utter
      incomprehension. As it has correctly been said in analogy, how can one
      describe a five or six dimensional condition to an entity that has only
      ever known a two three of four dimensional reality? With great
      difficulty. Moreover, in so doing one is far more likely to get a
      message across to an intelligent listener than to that of a lesser
      intelligent person, and even though mystical experience has got nothing
      to do with intelligence or ones level of intellect; nothing whatsoever.
      So, in the words of the prophet, `Mysticism' truly is one big
      cock-up. But, of course Mysticism is nothing more than the
      documentation and archives of mystical experience (so called); whereas
      mystical experience is the thing itself. So, Mysticism and Mystical
      Experience are not the same thing obviously. Just as a book on swimming
      is not getting into the water and swimming. But a book on swimming
      might indeed be truly useful whereas Mysticism is not useful and can be
      very misleading and even dangerous. Thus the state of the existing
      `art' of Mysticism.

      Moreover, and added to this, there is the problem that by far the
      majority of stuff written about Mysticism is not about the mystical
      experience at all; it is about people telling other people how to
      acquire it. For there is great potential for profiteering in that field.
      I have never yet read one of these systems of indoctrination which was
      correct. One also has to add that mystical experience does not need to
      be acquired or grabbed at all, it just happens naturally of its own
      accord. If it does not happen along then so be it, enjoy your life as
      it is. One word of warning to new mystics – there is one place on
      earth where it really is a no-no to even mention these things, and that
      one place is the United States of America; for alas the whole place is
      besotted, drenched, in brainwashing by cults and religious
      indoctrination. By virtue of which it is also the most important place
      to talk about Mystical Experience, for it surely is in need there. But,
      leave that to the older mystics who have kicked around the block for
      many years and who have forged a psychological suit of armour to cope
      with the war and hostility one will, and does, receive there. Isn't
      it ironic that the largest economic power on earth is so backward. I
      guess the ancient Greeks must have felt the same way about the Roman
      Empire two thousand years ago and more.

      Yet another big problem with Mysticism is what both Academia and now
      New Ageism does with it. But we will not delve into that quagmire here.
      Mystics are scientists and explorers of the mind and consciousness, and
      what it is TO BE.

      So, the sad fact is that on reading the literature of
      `Mysticism' one will be reading far more about what it aint than
      what it is. Mystical Experience is NOT about deities and their only
      begotten sons and other such ridiculous magic teapots in the sky; it is
      about you and me, and what we are. It is about the mysteries of
      consciousness and awareness. It is about Being and Becoming the more
      that we are. And above all else and beyond even that, it is about the
      holistic and concordant nature of all things extant. It is about love,
      harmony and accord, and the love of LIFE and existing. It is about YOU
      and all the things which are not YOU. That is what Mystical Experience
      is about. What is Mysticism about? Well, you figure it out. But it is
      NOT about anything which exists.

      Know your SELF; then you will not only know and understand that but you
      will also know and understand all that which is NOT you; and which is
      even more important. But you cannot know the latter without first
      knowing the former; just as the observer cannot know the observed until
      it knows what the observer is. That is REAL Mysticism and it is REAL
      life and REAL Being. If you do not accept anything said herein then
      fine – prove it wrong. But, also wait and see if life itself proves
      it wrong – it wont; for it will substantiate it, AS SO and AS IS.

      Feel free to post this to anybody; think of it as shareware.

      Dick Richardson

      http://www.psychognosis.net <http://www.psychognosis.net/>

      West Somerset. UK. 2008 C.E.

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