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Why don’t you go easier on them Richard?

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Why don t you go easier on them Richard? [ I have read your book and articles Richard, and sincerely find them interesting and useful, and loved the Nature
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2010
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      Why don't you go easier on them Richard?

      [ I have read your book and articles Richard, and sincerely find them
      interesting and useful, and loved the Nature Mysticism article; and I
      thank you for that for it has been a great help and insight, and you
      certainly write it well. But I have to ask as to why you do not take it
      a little easier on people….. ]

      Glad you found it to be of some use sir. However, maybe living in a
      monastery as you do has the potential for somewhat disconnecting you
      from the world of 2008 and which most of us have to live work and play
      in. Just a possibility of course. As for taking it easy on people then
      I can assure you that I am very easy to get along with and would not
      say boo to a goose, normally. But, when it comes to politics and
      priestcraft then I cannot pussyfoot around with them because it is too
      important and it effects us all; and hiding from the world and society
      does not help change it. Only people can change the world of human
      society by their actions; not me, not you, not any one person or small
      group of people; but the masses themselves. And to help facilitate
      that potential catalyst one has to reach them, by hook or by crook. I
      do not care which.

      The point you are really making is religionists isn't it, the hoards
      of followers of priestcraft; the bums on the seats. You will never get
      rid of priestcrafty as such for like multinational capitalistic
      corporations they have too much to lose; all you can attempt to do is
      to put them out of a job by extricating their audience from the seats.
      Change what they buy. That would work; if it could be done. It will
      never happen over night, and it would take a long time of struggle; but
      even that, by our own volition and striving, would work faster than
      natural evolution. I cannot wait that long and neither can the world of
      humanity, not if I could help do anything about it.

      As you presumably know well enough these socio-political organisation
      of Priestcraft have been killing and persecuting folks of my ilk for a
      very long time in order that they have no obstacle in the way of
      brainwashing people for their own ends, power and riches. Those who see
      it and do nothing are a part of the problem not the cure. No, it is not
      the vast masses of religionists who are doing this but they hold the
      matrix machine together by being what they have been made to be –
      robots in Somnus.

      So, no, I will never go easy on them, never ever; not whilst I draw
      breath anyway. I do not dish out what they have dished out for
      millennia, I do not kill and persecute people like they do and have done
      for years. All I do is to replace what they have messed with and given
      back to the people the real thing in its purity, and for free. There
      have been many others like me and there will be millions more. We will
      not lose this war, even though we have lost all the battles so far. But
      we will never give up and we will not be beaten. That which we divulge
      and speak of is there to be found and known, and lived, here on earth.
      It is too important not to do it.

      This knowledge of our essential self and its relationship with all
      things is even more important than politics; for with this the politics
      would come right of its own accord anyway; just as a radio in good
      condition will receive a broadcast if connected to an antenna. The
      program does not need to be altered, just an antenna connected to the
      receiver so that it can pick up and modulate that which is there to be
      picked up and received. Simple. Yet not easy to do in this kind of
      brainwashed civilisation.

      So my monastery indulging friend, can you think of anything better that
      a human being can endeavour to do than to help try and give back to
      people that which is their own from the very beginning of time? I
      cannot. It would be better to die trying than to know and yet turn a
      blind eye. No, I will never ease up and tread softy on the graves which
      they dig for themselves. All our troubles will not soon be over, as
      the song would have you believe, but a positive step in the right
      direction is at least a positive step in the right direction, and the
      beginning of a long journey; and one that needs must be taken. Man
      cannot keep alienating itself from itself, and from each other, and
      from the very depths of the nature of things. You either go with the
      flow of WHAT IS or you journey down a self chosen river of no return,
      chaos and bedlam, and the destruction of human civilisation, and maybe
      life on earth itself at the very worst.

      Mankind truly MUST come into a better understanding of the
      mystical/mysterious nature of its being and consciousness, and its
      relationship with the all. Preferably by first hand personal
      experience. But second hand information is better than nothing in the
      meantime. We are ever tied to the cross of Time and Eternity. And so
      it is, and as it is found and lived to be. We cannot fulfil incarnation
      and the earth until we know and fully realise what we are and from
      whence we come and why. You and I are tiny cogs in a large wheel, but
      the wheel cannot turn without us collectively working toward that end
      and the resolution of the implicate Cosmic Principle of TO BE.

      Know Thy Self; and then you will know why you exist and how to go about
      it. Truly, and in concordance with what it is and how it works. Ask any
      genuine mystic. They will tell you IT IS SO. In the meantime you can
      live that way whether you consciously know it by personal experience
      yet or not. We do not live for us, but for the principle of BEING,
      life, love and harmony; TO BE and to Become what we can become on
      earth, and as it is in Essence in principle in Eternity. It exist for
      Me, and I exist for IT. It is an Epiphytic Partnership of the I and the
      Thou. Ipso Facto. I am the created aspect of the Life Force Incarnate.
      As are you. Be worthy of your Self and its existence.

      So, no my friend; I and my brethren will not tread lightly on the
      obstacles to progress, and we will do whatever it takes to get it done.
      Then we will be free of enharmonic modulation perpetrated by vested
      interests of the living dead.

      Dick Richardson.

      West Somerset. UK.

      A 21st Century English Mystic.

      http://www.psychognosis.net <http://www.psychognosis.net/>


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