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Re: The Old Dairy Story

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    After your writing it you got my curiosity going so I looked up four or five of those names and discovered that most of them were in one aspect or another of
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      After your writing it you got my curiosity going so I looked up four or
      five of those names and discovered that most of them were in one aspect
      or another of psychology in the USA. How boring :- ) But good luck to
      them. My field in Psychology was in DEPTH psychology NOT behaviourism.
      Most academic psychology is CRAP !

      However, the question of happiness is a good one, and also one I have
      written much about over the last fifty years. Far better to be happy
      than miserable isn't it. But so many different things make so many
      different people happy. Some seem to find messing around molesting
      children to be fun and enjoyable it seems. FUCK THEM ! But if some mob
      decides to rob a Bank then good luck to them, just make sure you do not
      get caught, for that would NOT be worth it. But don't damage the
      building or the staff.

      Also, my aspect of interest in Depth Psychology involved the
      correlations found in Physics, the Mind, Consciousness, Matter, Energy,
      and all that stuff and its relationship – not just happiness and
      well being. I got into it because I had been having spontaneous (mostly
      wonderful) mystic and psychic experiences as a kid, and starting at
      about the age of two and half to three years of age. It has been going
      on all my life, and it is GREAT, and illuminating. But it is NOT that
      which makes me happy. I was just born that way. And I aint complaining.
      It was a great life and I loved it. Not much longer to go now :- ) What
      new adventures await? If any? But I don't care either way, for this
      one was good. And I sure do not tell other people how to live their
      lives. I do suggest that they try to come to know their SELF however. It
      is advantageous.

      Dick Richardson

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      > > No, I have never heard of any of them. They certainly were not
      > > instructors in North Devon whilst I was there for thirty five year.
      > > Perhaps you might like to tell us about these people.
      > >
      > > Dick, that was a good guess but no cigar!The Article was
      intitled"The pursuit of Happiness". All these people except the first
      are in studies on happiness. For all hell they sound like you . There
      are Nobel Lauriates in that list and you might comment as the
      material sounds like yours. The mag costs $5.00 and my scanner does not
      work. It think you will be shocked by the simalarity of their work and
      yours. You might send each of them a copy of your book, many ideas are
      similar. Bill
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      > > > > Dick, I have a related reply but it may be hard to find. It is
      > > the present copy of BMW magszine. It names some people I think you
      > > know.Petra Thornbrietz,Daniel Kanerman, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,Ed
      > > Diener, Rutt Veenhooven,Ebbe Lavendt, Martin E.P. Seligman,Rhodri
      > > Bryant,Mortin Kringlbach,Gerald Huther. Please advise. Bill
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