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    My Role [ I am up early, contemplating the activities of the day – drinking with friends, watching football, and turkey with all the trimmings – and
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      My Role

      [ I am up early, contemplating the activities of the day – drinking
      with friends, watching football, and turkey with all the trimmings
      – and found a few moments to reflect on where I came from and where
      I am going. For almost 36 years now, I have accepted as the overarching
      objective of my life to do what I can to turn this planet into a place
      where all can interact with what I describe as laughter, joy,
      carefreeness, and freedom. This has resulted, for now, in my attempting
      to initiate four non-profit organizations as follows (snip)…. Leon.

      I have always admired your chosen role in this quest, and for the
      success in its mission, ever since I first heard about it the best part
      of a decade ago now. I feel sure that ninety percent of humanity feel
      the same way and long for such an existence here. Indeed, what kind of
      a fool would not wish to spend their life here in laughter, happiness,
      joy, free of care, and in freedom from dictate and exploitation. I
      knew that world for a short while. You remind me of the ancient
      Greeks of Delphi who were on the brink of bringing that about, until the
      power of Rome came on the scene and ended it all. Their command was to
      know thy self, and everything in moderation. Such times and ideals are
      long long forgotten now. Even disseminated and accepted history has
      erased it. The theatre of modern day life never even gives a thought to
      it now. It is long dead and forgotten. And so too is the meaning of
      those words which they inscribed in stone and which was the worlds
      focus and hub in its time. It might now as well have been on another
      planet in a galaxy far far away.

      I too had a dream. Not like yours in that of trying to bring it about;
      for I cannot do that. Only the mass of people could do that when they
      rise up and fight for it. But another kind of dream. My dream was that
      they might come to Know Their Self. For in so doing they would then do
      that job themselves and then bring that kind of world about. But it was
      a dream too soon (I hope not too late); and it wasn't based on a
      dream, no more so than yours was. However, there is far more hope of
      people hearing your words and understanding them, and hopefully being
      moved by them, than there is of them hearing my words and understanding
      them. For they now have no idea at all as to what Gnothi Saeuton means,
      let alone everything in moderation. All understanding of such has been
      erased and lost. My dream was to give it back again. Too big a dream.
      The question simply remains now as to whether it is far too late for
      such an eventuality or far too soon. Time will tell. And you and I
      will not be here to know.


      The sound of the Soul of Humanity weeping. When will it ever end. Maybe
      the tear can redeem that which is lost where the smile cannot. As yet at


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