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Back to Nature

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  • goodinnit
    Back to Nature (NB, Poet, so sorry to hear about your health and eye sight; such things come to us all eventually. Best wishes. Merlin) It is fascinating as
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2010
      Back to Nature

      (NB, Poet, so sorry to hear about your health and eye sight; such things
      come to us all eventually. Best wishes. Merlin)

      It is fascinating as to how this term `Let us get back to
      Nature', has become parroted in cultural copy-cat lingo over the
      last fifty to one hundred years. As if somehow or other we had
      transcended being a part of the nature of things and had to get back to
      it again for some sanity or whatever :- )

      But there is also the pragmatic side to the cry. That is to say that
      since the hay-day of the industrial revolution billions fled from the
      fields into the cities, and they truly did live a completely different
      existential existence from that of the millennia preceding that exodus
      from the barn to the bar. Even now in the country you see it. In the
      summer they flock down (excuse the pun) to get away from it all, and
      they suddenly see a live wild critter, and they gawk at it as though it
      were some alien life form from another planet. They get their cameras
      out and their binoculars and they are making a first discovery :- )
      Well, good for them.

      But I don't get it. Speaking as one who was born and raised in the
      back streets and grim of what was then the largest city on earth, and
      still very Dickensian (not that long after Jack the frigging Ripper,
      and in much the same location) there was never a time when there was a
      feeling of being alienated from the nature of things. True, I had never
      heard of a badger or an otter, let alone seen one, and a horse was a
      thing that either cowboys or milkmen had. But nonetheless the streets
      were full of horse shit as well as all other kinds of shit imaginable
      in such places. We knew it was good for the roses so we used to collect
      it and sell it, and even if we did not know what roses were. I thought
      roses were the things that one had on ones cheeks if ever the sun came

      But, even then there was always this deep urge to build a bike, jump on
      it and migrate out to where the fields and the trees were, and we did
      it all the time. Parents never asked us where we were going, they
      didn't care for they knew we could take care of ourselves and they
      were no doubt glad of a bit of peace and quiet when the streets were
      devoid of snotty nosed little brats throwing stones at windows. Maybe
      today it is different and kids don't have that freedom. And maybe
      the city kids of today are locked into the streets and their bedroom
      and boredom.

      It was also quite natural for me to sling my hook as soon as I was old
      enough to do so, and just hit the road and go. It was an innate urge
      and drive. Even though I did love roaming the city and the back
      streets; the libraries and the underground stations et al. But enough
      was enough. And when one knew it all like the back of ones hand then
      the drive to wander and explore just kicked in. So away you fly like a
      fledgling from the nest.

      However, and I tell you in all truth, the most profound way to ever get
      back to nature in a BIG WAY, is for your consciousness to migrate home
      back to from whence it came. Nature does not get any more raw than
      that, and oh so beautiful, natural and simple. I AM. We are NOT other
      than a natural part of the nature of things. And no doubt, as yet, one
      of the wildest critters of the lot. And love is a great tamer of wild
      stallions. Innit. Mustn't get too tame just yet however, or you will
      never survive here.


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