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    AS IS Realistic [ In Asisian_Knights@yahoogroups.com, revohoffmann wrote: Re: Which way will the USA go in the next fifty years. Thank you
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      AS IS Realistic

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      wrote: Re:

      Which way will the USA go in the next fifty years. Thank you so much,
      Dick, for this beautifully worded hope. " make a world that my great
      great grandchildren will be happy and proud to live on." I am the manny
      for my nephews, and if I am still around in fifty years, well, I
      wouldn't wish for them to grow up in America. I have deep faith in the
      near infinite stupidity of this odd species with which I have cast my
      lots, but so long as there is even one polar bear left in the arctic,
      and one man in an English cottage somewhere in the Green that actually
      gives a shit—

      Can one ever abdicate from knighthood? Maybe not, but knowing that
      there are people like yourself out there; people who have been touched
      by the real; is like seeing a vein of silver flowing through a muddy
      current. It helps me to keep a space open where life can touch me in the
      raw, if not for myself, then for the simple sake of everything out there
      that still wants to live, no matter what manner of horrors we dream up
      to throw against it. I grew up in the Commonwealth of Canada, not in
      the States, by the way. I was raised as a European, by good people who
      still believed that that actually meant something. Anyhow, I do think
      the States will go the way of fundamentalism, so as to hasten its own
      demise, and that might, in fact, be a good thing since this ghastly
      "city on a hill" seems to be built on the utter lack of communication
      between the two wings of this failed experiment in social control
      through democracy anyway, namely scientism and religion. I abhor the one
      as much as I do the other, so let the revolution come to a boiling head

      No civilization has ever outlasted the usefulness of the ideals upon
      which it was built, has it? What is the point of trying to reform
      something which is likely to be based upon entirely false premises to
      begin with? Time would be better spent in getting real with ourselves
      and with each other. At this point, I hardly think we are any more
      capable of imagining the world after Western civilization than Medieval
      monks were in trying to imagine a world without the Church. Still,
      wouldn't it be something -- a civilization based on an incontrovertible
      experience of what?--of belonging here, no longer in self-imposed
      exile, reconciled to that seeming perversity which made us feel
      alienated to begin with, acknowledged as being as much a part of the
      whole natural order of things as we ourselves are while we sleep? I
      won't hold my breath. But you are probably right, Dick....whatever is
      coming down the pike is in a hell of a hurry to get here.

      When I feel Chicago thrumming under my feet though, with the wind coming
      in off the lake, I get a sense of its wild contours and the entelechy of
      its strange attractors. Its movements, which formed the rocks and the
      lake and all of the people who lived and hoped and died here, moves the
      life within me in resonance to the recognition that that which will
      persist even after my great grand-nephew's own nightmares have been
      long forgotten -- that that will die in its own good time, and not
      ours. To ourselves, assuredly, but is our survival as a species really
      that important within the context of a planet's history? Maybe if we
      could learn to live with a bit of panache, or a bit of quality, it might
      matter beyond our own lifetimes. If we scarcely live at all, though,
      what matters this form at all? It doesn't seem to me that mere survival
      is much of a motivation, let alone a reason for hanging our hats where
      we crap about our allotted span. Even my tomato plants know better than
      that. Oliver ]

      It was some years ago now that a few of us got together, just chatting
      about things as one does, and frequently using the words AS IS,
      (meaning as is found and experienced to be) that gradually, as if by
      chance, it become moulded into ASISIANS; folks, a brotherhood and
      sisterhood of people, who not only spoke of things as they are found to
      be and lived to be, but also preferred it that way as opposed to a
      painted angelic candy floss coating of unrealistic symbolic pretence
      painted upon the fabric of reality and our place in the scheme of
      things. It was not a game, it was a philosophic existential revolution
      taking up arms against what the symbolic diatribe and lies of
      priestcraft had done to the mind and spirit of Man.

      Whether per chance, or otherwise met, is by the by, and now irrelevant.
      But that a new way of being on the world was needed, and ushering in a
      new paradigm and an awakening of conscience and dignity, and the
      application of it, should be plainly obvious to all. But how? That is
      the question. Among that initial group were a few mystics (or so they
      like to call such folks anyway) but whatever name, they were genuine
      ones. It has long been known however that this REALISATION and
      understanding due to personal direct experience cannot be given away
      (Psychognosis as I call it, and resulting in a Homo Ensophicus). So
      given that it cannot be given away then what, in any useful measure,
      could be done?

      The answer become obvious. A philosophy that anybody could simply
      choose to live, be they mystics or not. They would be doing BY CHOICE
      that which the mystics were doing NOT BY CHOICE. Doing such would make
      them more worthy than any mystic could ever be, for they would be doing
      it for the love of it and unconditional of the knowing what the mystics
      know. Hence the advent of the Fraternity of the Chivalric Order of the
      Asisian Knights and Ladies. This is not a game, and it has no
      connection to an imagined order of chivalric times gone past, for there
      was no such thing. But there is now.

      That Man is in part on this world and of this world, and is in part not
      of this world, IS as found to be the case, and lived and known. FACT.
      But, to wilfully try to abdicate the responsibility of either part and
      make believe that it is not really true, is the dichotomy which Man is
      now living under the repercussions of. That one can love this world,
      and all it entails, just as one loves that transcendent realm, and all
      that it entails, is no dichotomy, no contradiction. It is so. AS IS.
      That humanity finds itself in such an elevated and unique position is
      not only the wonder of all wonders, and the best of both worlds, but it
      raises Man far above any symbolic gods and demons created in the minds
      of perverts for their own vested interests. Such religions are the worst
      virus ever to plague the mind of man and which robs him of his true
      Dignity and Worth. Does it not behove Man to take up arms against
      this prostitution of what we are? No amount of pacifying them with
      nice platitudes will undo what they have done. After an abortion one
      flushes it down the loo, clears the mess up and moves on. Life on earth
      is not easy; but it is worth it. But as of yet there are few to take
      company in that gathering around the camp fire way out in the
      wilderness from main-stream society. But, keep at it and we can get
      there, for it is the stuff that life is made of.

      Dick Richardson Asisian.

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