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For the record Bob

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    For the record Bob [ Interesting about the old gnostic way of thinking too. Them old fellows that likely disliked the early Christians more than Sir Richard
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2010
      For the record Bob

      [ Interesting about the old gnostic way of thinking too. Them old
      fellows that likely disliked the early Christians more than Sir Richard
      does ;-) ]

      I do not dislike early christians, or modern ones, or anyone else for
      that matter, what I do detest and abhore is what is done to them for
      vested interest and power motives, and the fact that they let it be
      done to them; like slaves on a treadmill. There is nothing easier, more
      simple and more natural, than to simply go through life observing
      things, thinking about them, wondering about it all, asking oneself
      questions, feeling all the joys and the pains, and simply letting the
      whole thing pan out and unfold in a natural way and to do what it does
      and to reveal what it has to reveal to us. It works. It is not clever,
      smart, it is just the most natural of all things and all the ways to
      live. Life reveals things to us spontaneously without our having to
      ask for them. Unless one closes oneself down to it all.

      But to walk on the two crutches of Belief and Disbelief (same thing in
      effect) is to erect a barrier to what life can and cannot reveal to us.
      You must know very well that so many people have bordered in the brink
      of transition and told themselves that this is wrong, not right, not
      supposed to happen, because they have been told as to what is right and
      what is wrong, and what is supposed to be real and what is not real,
      etc. So this ingrained fear holds them back, like being tied to a rock
      by a captive chain of their own making. It does seem to me from
      hindsight that breaking that chain is far more difficult than never
      letting it be put there in the first place. So, it is not the captive
      prisoner that I hate and abhore, it is the chain that binds them. A
      chain forged in the furnace of the love of power. A power that not only
      corrupts the perpetrator but also enslaves the victim by the power of

      Throughout the millennia it has become the accepted paradigm that one
      must believe something. But that is the chain which binds. There is
      nothing more natural, even as a child, than to simply realise that one
      is here, existing, and then to wonder what it is all about and what
      existing has to offer us and reveal to us, and as to what we can do
      about it all, and what we can become. Just as defining something in
      absolute terms can restrict a thing then so too does ingrained dogma
      about what is right and wrong and what is real or not real, restrict
      one and ties one there. And not even to mention that things in time are
      changing and evolving all the time anyway, and changing, BECOMING. What
      was true about human beings fifty thousand years ago is not true today,
      it has changed, evolved, moved on; it has become more than what it was
      on earth. The process of unfolding has not stopped.

      But it is only on looking into things deeper that one finds what it is
      that changes in Time but which remains constant in its essential form in
      eternity. And one cannot find that if one is restricted and tied to the
      rock of Time due to entropic beliefs or disbeliefs and fear. Be
      curious, wonder, seek, ask questions, and let it do its work. It DOES
      work. But, now, saying this, is like whistling into the wind, and they
      don't hear because they have pulled down a curtain on it all, like
      turning a tap off so that the water cannot flow through them. What can
      be done about this? Well, only they can do it and turn the tap back on
      again; and open up to WHAT IS there to be had, experienced, known, and
      loved. THAT is the problem.

      I was perhaps foolish enough, hopeful enough, naive enough, to think
      that if this restriction can be put there by other people (which it is)
      then so too should it be able to be undone by other people. But it
      seems like I was wrong. But that which Time cannot undo then Eternity
      does. And that is a fact. I told them once that one day they will meet
      their self coming the other way, and they all laughed. Well, they will;
      and they will not be laughing then. I can but say, wait and see. But
      even that is no consolation, for it is needed here and now – not in
      Eternity. One day they will know what I am talking about. But not yet.
      They all want illumination; but they don't want to be illuminated,
      and they fear that event – because they have to go through a very
      dark place, alone, to get there. Fear binds them to the rock of
      ignorance and unknowing. The dark cloud of unknowing. That we can and do
      surpass it is not something that they want to hear; and that will have
      its own repercussions.


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