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  • uli
    I agree. wisdom is becoming an anachronism. Delia
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 20, 1999
      I agree. wisdom is becoming an anachronism.

      Rajiv Pande wrote:

      > Delia,
      > There wasn't anything "awful" about what you
      > first said. The influence of religion has
      > diminished, but only insofar as moral training
      > is concerned. Today, it's the corporate image
      > that dominates our social behavior. THIS is what
      > training is all about today. 20 years ago, a
      > degree in business management was a NERD's
      > degree. Today, it is an essential qualification.
      > If you have to belong, you have to be an MBA.
      > Human organization in the olden days was not as
      > well developed as it is today. However, that
      > does not mean that we have progressed in terms
      > of WISDOM. To me mankind is not evolving at all
      > in terms of real wisdom. All we have is science
      > - and science is definitely not wisdom, it is
      > the mere sediment of intelligent action. As time
      > passes, it grows, but the sum total of human
      > wisdom always remains the same. Those that have
      > it have it and those that don't never will.
      > Regards
      > Rajiv
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