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Hello Merlin

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    Hello Merlin Hello, Merlin. I hope you are well. Good morning Tracey. I have been better, but well enough thank you, kindly. I have a question of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2010
      Hello Merlin

      Hello, Merlin.

      I hope you are well. Good morning Tracey. I have been better, but
      well enough thank you, kindly. I have a question of questions for you.
      I'm wondering what your position is on this subject – it's
      something I've been contemplating and trying to make sense of and
      assimilate for some time now --- however, I'm failing miserably. I
      tried to learn to spell once, but I failed. But I don't feel
      miserable about it. Some things you can do right now, and some things
      you cant. But if something is important then just keep plugging away at
      it. I am not going to lose sleep over spelling.

      Sir Merlin, I see you as something of a "Life Coach" and a
      "Mystical Guide", with quite a bit of experience and education
      behind you. IOW … I respect your opinions. Opinions? It seems to
      be impossible to get a message across that one is talking about life
      experience, what one lived through – NOT opinions. Life is not an
      opinion, it is LIFE, and we live it. But never mind. That was my last
      email to groups, I have had more than enough of it; it just isn't
      worth it. However, your letters have always stuck me as coming from the
      heart, so here goes with this one.

      Just joined a Gnostic study group (in *real* life) and one of the
      themes was "detachment". In recent weeks online, we've
      been discussing emotions, delusion, attachments and illusion to some
      extent. The gist of it is … emotions have been theorized to be
      illusory and connected with this life, this temporal existence. I will
      not ask as to what they are studying, but I warrant that it is not life
      experience. However, each to their own. As for Emotion then I found it
      in daily life on earth and I found it in transcendence of daily life on
      earth. I like it. I do not wish to be detached from emotions, thank you
      very much. I would rather be alive than a robot. I would rather not
      exist than to exist and not love existing and the things I found to be
      extant. But if they wish to run away from emotions then let them get on
      with it. I am not going there. And if they want to call life an
      illusion then let them get on with that also, I have given up caring
      what they do. I just wonder why they bother living it if they feel like
      that. But none of my business; and mine is not theirs.

      Life itself is something of a dream and when our "spark" is
      recycled, it goes back to God with no part that was "Dick" or
      "Tracey" surviving the end of the dream. All is God. Oh well,
      let him get on with doing things then, I will not bother any more.
      But in transcendence as in daily life it was ME who was lording it over
      that wondrous realm of being. It was ME who was doing the loving. Either
      they have all found something different and all agree on it or they are
      talking bullshit. But let them get on with it. I have to live my life
      not theirs. Sure, it was not the daily rational mind of Dicky, but it
      was still me, one part of me. I encountered no super beings. And if
      ever I did then I would not worship a one of them. What poor fool would
      want to be worshiped?

      Attachments prevent us from following and knowing God heart and soul.
      Well, if that is so then one had best choose ones actions and stick
      with them. I am not here to talk about peoples gods and demons. Let
      them do that. Do they know what they are talking about?

      Desires are seen in a negative light. So be it then, I will therefore
      then quit desiring to see people happy and laughing. No skin off my
      nose. On seconds thoughts, I will not. They can go to their respective
      hell's; and languish in their cult nonsense.

      I understand – and agree to an extent that the Divine is immanent
      .. but also transcendent .. The word divine to me means wondrous, just
      as a rose is a divine beauty. It is for them to explain their words.
      But explaining anything is not in their paradigm is it. They don't
      even talk about life.

      and we are all interconnected, but I think some schools of thought take
      this to an extreme. Schools of thought don't interest me and I do
      not need to go to school to learn how to think. I can think for myself
      thank you. And I have thought a lot about life experience, and how
      amazing it all is.

      I asked about past life regression – if we are all ONE and part of
      the "Mind of God", I am not a part of any god thank you. I am
      me. But if everybody else is a part of some god then it must be a right
      bloody moron. Good luck to them and it. Count me out.

      then are we simply tapping in to some cosmic memory bank and the
      memories retrieved being ones that don't necessarily belong to
      "Tracey", but just to "A" life that existed …. It
      was agreed. The only memories I have are mine. And they are good. It
      was a good life and I loved it. And I was very lucky. Hallelujah. But
      they don't like life do they. I guess that is why they want gods
      because they don't like doing things. It gets their hands dirty;
      and they are too good for that aint they. Phht:>! And if I cannot love
      something and live for it then I don't want to exist any more.

      Truly, I've been "tweaking" over this for some time. While
      I do understand that our true nature is not human My true nature is
      human, and the other bits. But I would agree with you, they don't
      seem human to me either. Something far less than human. I am glad to be
      a human, it is a divine wonder to be. Perhaps they would like to be a
      fish or a snake. I like being me and I like the world which I am living
      on. It is fantastic, and I love it.

      and we are not limited to this life and these experiences, like I said,
      some of these schools of thought seem to take this to an extreme, and
      it seems to negate the value of a life, IMO. I sometimes wonder
      whether know life. But I cannot help them, and they don't want any
      help – well they have gods don't they, and who can compete with
      that :- ) May their gods shine out of their arses.

      While I understand one should not get caught up in emotions and
      desires and let things be … which, surprisingly, I'm grasping
      and beginning to bring into practice … there are other things …
      love and connections that I cannot explain, but have happened in my
      lifetime …. And in the interest of oneness, why don't I feel
      this for everyone? I don't feel love and connection with everyone.
      I can empathize and see the other side of things … but my
      connections have been felt with only a limited few. And others I wish
      I had a connection with … sadly, I feel nothing. I don't love
      every human being either, and I don't lose any sleep over that. How
      can you love somebody who is raping, pillaging, murdering, and making
      life a misery here for others. Moreover, to love is not a choice. I
      cannot choose to love or not love. And their fucking gods don't seem
      to be very good at it do they.

      Typically, if I believe what I know and what I can make sense of. If
      you believe what you know then I guess there is no point in knowing it.
      Sounds to me that believing supersedes knowing something. I will stick
      with just knowing and not knowing things. For it works.

      This reasoning --- it doesn't make sense to me. The way they live
      their lives does not make sense to me either. But they are the ones
      that have to live their lives. I do believe our souls to be individual
      .. not necessarily being this earthly identity, but separate,
      nonetheless. God experiencing Himself doesn't make sense to me.
      Life should have purpose, otherwise, what's the point? Well, if I
      am god experiencing himself then I wonder what he is. Phht:>!

      Forgive me for rambling, No problem. I suppose I'm just trying to
      work it all out. I tried to work it all out over the moors one day,
      and I realised how bloody stupid that was, so I quit. And life was
      revealed to me. I am wondering, if you can make sense of my queries,
      what your stance is on this. I know when you had your transcendent
      experience, there was no one else there but you – which leans toward
      all being the Mind of God. Any thoughts? Any thoughts? Yes, I have a
      few. When I think I tend to think about my past life and as to how good
      it was. I also think about what I am doing when I have to do something,
      and why I am doing it. I don't find thinking to be any problem. But
      thinking does not reveal things. Thanks! ~Tracey You are welcome
      ma'am, my pleasure. Hope your life is full of joy and love. Be true
      to yourself, for it is the only one you have got; and it is an amazing



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