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And Life Starts Over Again

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    And Life Starts Over Again Probably the saddest thing in all human existence, is that it is true. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2c4KZAYkmQ&feature=fvw
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2010
      And Life Starts Over Again

      Probably the saddest thing in all human existence, is that it is true.




      Why sad? Because it is not known; and not used.

      How can anybody know that it is true? Because they can, by going there.
      It is the only way to know. But they don't know do they. At best
      they can believe it in the meantime, and trust that what they hear to
      be true. And it is true.

      I will never forget the day that I kissed life goodbye, and then it was
      all over. I had not even had the chance to live it. And then came the
      end, the void, non existence. But then it came back again. Would one
      fabricate such a story? If so then for what end, for what purpose? No,
      I did not fabricate a story; I simply told it as it was, as it
      happened, as it is.

      Yet to say believe this would counter and contradict a lifetimes work
      in saying DON'T believe anything. It is true that I have never
      believed anything, and I still don't and I never will. All I wanted
      as a little boy was to know what existed for a human being to
      experience. And I found out what existed to be experienced, and I found
      it by living through it. I loved life from the beginning, and I loved
      it unto the end. But then I learned that the end is but the beginning,
      and it starts again. That was a shock. Half the world believes that
      there is more, and half the world believes that there is not. Yet they
      are both beliefs. They do not know.

      Yet on coming back here, and after knowing that eternal love which
      exists in our beginning and end, is sad. The very first question I had
      to ask myself on coming back was as to why such love here cannot be
      like it is there, or as to why the love there cannot be here. I did not
      know why not. And wherever I looked I saw mountains of pain and rivers
      of tears. And it was sad. You want to be a mystic? Do you think it is
      fun? I have sometimes thought of it as a curse. To know, and to be able
      to do nothing. And that is the way it is.

      But life has been good to me, all these years. It has been like a
      charmed life. Yet amidst such pain and horrors that we find here. That
      is why one has to build a hard shell. The mystics armour. Tis true.

      But you see, that love in eternity counts for nothing if it cannot get
      here. But I found that it does get here, and in a big way. Eternity is
      not about eternity, for it is only the beginning. But it flowers here.
      Tell them that one lives in a garden here and of course they will all
      laugh. But they are not living in the same existential world that I have
      been living in, and which IS a garden. That is why I judged it to be
      sad. But it is the old old story isn't it; we have to prepare
      ourselves to be able to receive that which is on offer. That which
      life has that exists to be known and had and lived.

      It is exactly same as with mere human love. If somebody has it for you
      then they cannot give it to you until you can receive it. It is the
      same, but simply on a different scale. But it is the same thing. This
      too is why all the beliefs here are sad, for it is the icons which they
      construct and cling to which prevents the real thing getting in. If
      only they could let go and walk in innocence. So, that is but another
      aspect of being between a rock and a hard place. One wants to encourage
      and give hope, yet one has to say dump all your beliefs. So how does
      one reconcile that? I don't know.

      The only way I knew was to simply tell it as it is, and hoping that
      that could get through the haze. Does it? I don't know. Should one
      have told them to believe it when millions of folks are telling them to
      believe this that and the other, and for their own vested interests?
      No, I don't think so. So, I still maintain that all one can do is to
      tell it as it is, and let it do its own work from there, and blow on
      the wind.

      They say that none come back to speak of it. That is not true. But it
      might just as well be for what good one can do. And that is sad. Maybe
      one day somebody will find a way of convincing them; until the day that
      encouraging and convincing is not needed. That'll be a good day. I
      wonder when that will be. We HAVE to know what we are and where we come
      from and why; so that we can live it here. And we do come to know.
      And one then lives it. But they are having to live it alone as yet. And
      that too is sad.

      Imagine when they are all living it at the same time; and in a garden
      such as this world can be. It has to happen sometime, somewhere, for
      that is what it is all about. In the meantime if only they could let go
      of what they assume to be a safely rail, and just go with the tide of
      that flow. It will take you home and bring you back again. I know that
      it does. All one can suggest in the meantime is try and FEEL it all,
      for it is all about feeling it all. It is sad that death then brings
      the most beautiful thing of all like a cosmic kiss that goes off the
      Richter scale, and then finding it still to be a prisoner there. It has
      got to come here; for that is the way of it. Only you can let it in.
      And when you do then the job is done. It is what it is all about, and
      the way of it. That which so many of them are waiting for, is waiting
      for them to let it in. If only there were a way of convincing and
      encouraging without the need for them believe in something. Maybe it is
      too much to expect folks to trust unconditionally whilst carrying no
      icons as restrictive baggage as to what. I hade a gut feeling that
      there was more when I was a little boy. But I did not invent anything
      to rap it up in. The gut feeling was enough. And it proved to be
      justified. Surely you can do that too. Don't picture it, just feel
      it. It works.


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