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Re: The Nothingness

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  • fictiveparrot
    ... You make even less sense as you get more angry. ... Um, no. ... You are talking about post mortem. You don t know shiit about it unless you have been dead
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 29, 2010
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      I stand by:

      > You are friggin loopy. This is total nonsense. Shuttap Already.

      You make even less sense as you get more angry.

      > does life scare the shit out of you

      Um, no.

      > The things that I have told of are ABSOLUTELY TRUE, and YOU will
      > find that out in due course.

      You are talking about post mortem. You don't know shiit about it unless you have been dead and came back to life. Is part of being a mystic pretnding to remake the ol' bible story about the jesux dude?

      > Well, come and say that to my
      > face you little fuck-pig. NO GUTS!

      Sure... Let's meet for some coffee. Will you be armed? I won't be. I'll gladly say that you make nonsense that isn't even fun right to you. What is the difference between that and saying it here?

      > You have been told things which others find useful

      Name one person who finds it so. Just one. Not a shill. I'll put you on ignore and leave you alone.

      > I wish I
      > had been told of these things before living through them

      So now you have lived through death. You are a queer ol' bird.

      > Do you think a little fart like you is going to make
      > me shut up? I have been where the big boys fight.

      Whatever that means... And no, I don't think you will digest the sense of what I am saying and actually shut up, as you are convinced of your delusion that you are a star and have an audience. Listen to the cheering...


      > it is not nonsense at all, it is telling of
      > what is there AS IS.

      That couldn't be more vague.

      > Tell your
      > grandchildren that Merlin told you.
      > And I hope for life's sake they
      > don't turn out like you.

      I am trying to figure out just what it is that you are saying that you think is of such value. I don't see much in the way of original thought that I wouldn't discard like a fortune from a fortune cookie. There is nothing I can decipher that would be worth passing on. Drivel, insanity, vagaries, self-deception, bland notions, no proof, and empty verbosity. I am fascinated by nutty people. I think you are nutty. I don't mean that like cute and fuzzy, I mean lunatic like Ted Bundy, Albert Fish, Son of Sam, Panzram -- people who could convince themselves that their ideas were more important than other people, and they lead themselves on dangerous rampages. My vocational testing in HS said I should get into psychiatry...I've wondered more than once if it was right. However, I don't know that I would cure anyone more than I might enjoy listening to the ravings. I wonder how you justify proselytizing your ideas, whatever they are.

      I've been waiting for you to say something. I am not surprised that I have been disappointed.

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