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Where Time can do so much

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Where Time can do so much Space, presumably, is relative only to location, whereas Time seems to be relative to how much is going on in that space. But in
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      Where Time can do so much

      Space, presumably, is relative only to location, whereas Time seems to
      be relative to how much is going on in that space. But in either case
      both are observations of the observer. Without an observer nothing
      could be known, let alone said, about either Space or Time. So,
      anything KNOWN is known by an observer. Hardly rocket science is it.
      How can it be said that an object moves through space whilst also
      saying that an object occupies a point in space? Unless its own space
      is moving through an objective space to that space. A space within a

      Personally I find Time to be far more mysterious than spaces are. But if
      things are going to exist then presumably a space is needed for them to
      exist in. No doubt we are all well aware that the more there is going
      on then the faster time seems to move and change occurs. However, throw
      consciousnesses into the mixing bowl of Space and Time and some
      fascinating things occur. NOT that I know what would be going on if
      there were no Observer I hasten to add. Extract all observers from all
      space and time and all existence, then nothing is going to know
      anything. So, we can only talk about what we each KNOW. Albeit that it
      seems to be all the craze to talk about what one does not know.

      However, Time being the rate of change then one has to ask as to what is
      changing and what is observing it change. Walk down any city high street
      for sixty years where much is going on all the time and one notices so
      mach change rather rapidly. One can even name the year and date by what
      is going on there. Try doing that down a country lane where nothing
      ever happens. Sure, one gets the seasonal variations. So one can soon
      tell whether it is Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. But could you tell
      what year it was? You could take a good guess at the year if somebody
      walked past and judging by their clothes, or if a car went by and
      jugging by the kind of car it was. Added to which, within the observer,
      if they are enjoying what is going on then time seems to go faster than
      if they are bored stiff. It is said that some life forms only exist for
      a day or two. So what is the experience of Time like for them I wonder.

      I remember a trick I used to do between the ages of about four and
      seven. It initially happened by accident but I soon realised that I
      could do it any time I wanted to by concentrating on it. All that was
      required was a clock and something to stare at, and one could play this
      little game in bed before one got tired and went to sleep. I would pick
      an object in the room and stare at it and then time would seem to stop
      moving. Then when I decided to snap out of it I would guess at how much
      time had passed by; hence the use of the clock. It was fascinating, for
      one could NOT guess accurately. Sometimes I would guess at only a few
      seconds when in fact a few minutes had gone by, and other times I would
      guess one, two, three, four minutes when only a few seconds had gone by.
      But at that time nothing was going on in the bedroom. Had somebody have
      come into the room then I would of course have been aware of it and
      this would no longer have worked. However, I soon forgot about this
      little game with guessing time by way of a clock when going into that
      mode of awareness. One day years later I remembered it but I could no
      longer do it. Not that it bothered me, for it was just a bit of kids
      fun and not important. This of course has nothing to do with mystical

      But is does also raise the question which I had to ask myself twenty
      years later – How can one spend TIME in a domain where Time does not
      move? But it was soon realised that this was all to do with the lack of
      CHANGING events there in that Space. There were no changing events
      there, and even, oddly enough, there was movement there. Added to which
      it defied the time moving fast when one is enjoying oneself, for one
      was in ecstatic bliss there, oh so happy, yet time did not move, there
      were no changing events and one could not even think whilst there. But
      one could see, one could know, and one could understand. And one knew
      what one was (IS). I AM, and I AM Eternal and unchanging. So, there you
      go, an there we DO go. And then one day twenty years later this all
      joined up with the physical world in space and time, and that was the
      best of the lot. So, go on, tell me all about mysticism! But KNOW it
      first. Time, Space, Consciousness, The Observer, the Observed, what an
      amazing mix.

      Imagine one vast empty space with just one rock in it. Imagine that this
      rock was flying through this space at a million miles per hour. Imagine
      that you, an observer of it was flying along with it at the same speed.
      Would you know that it was moving? Would Time exist in your awareness?
      If you slowed down a bit then the rock would zoom off and you would
      soon know that Time and Change existed.

      Anyway, hey ho. What time is it? What space is it? How long ago is the
      end of your nose? What do you know? And how much of what you know do
      you understand. The ones that always know and understand the least
      always seem to give the impression that they know more, or everything;
      and that everybody else is stupid and fit for the loony bin. But they
      do say don't they – ignorance is bliss :- ) Have a good life.
      And whatever you find then best keep it to yourself. For another couple
      of thousand years anyway. And Time can do so much. So can experience
      reveal much, and one can use it – in TIME.


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