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  • Rajiv Pande
    Randy, You said .I like that there s a means for people to put structure in their lives, I m not offended that it s under the guise of god because people
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 20, 1999
      You said" .I like that there's a means for people to put structure in their lives, I'm not offended that it's under the guise of 'god' because people acting toward a better world is about a million times more important than trying to convince the world that god doesn't exist."

      Has religion really given us structure, or has it incorporated the 'herd' mentality in us? Follow the leader and no questions asked! I don't say any religion at its core is bad, but it's the various trappings laid out by the religious fanatics are the ones that tend to get at you. As I said earlier it forms a haven, a fellow comradeship for people to agree and feel good about, even if it is totally something wrong. What about the wars that are waged, the communal violence erupting on and off the attitude of groups saying 'we are the best" and a total intolerance towards others? Some religions show total disrespect for women but all this is O.K as long as it has the fancy covering of religious following. So under the guise of God are we really heading for a better world or has it caused the general downtrend? Why don't we as human beings believe in the concept that God dint create religion, he created a human who has a massive potential for 'good ', but all he needs, is to be in touch with himself?
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