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Survival of the Fittest

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Survival of the Fittest That term rolls off the tongue nicely doesn t it, and therefore problem solved and question answered. What does `Survival mean and
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 26, 2010
      Survival of the Fittest

      That term rolls off the tongue nicely doesn't it, and therefore
      problem solved and question answered. What does `Survival' mean
      and what does `fittest' mean? What kind of survival and fit for
      what? As a modern human being living in the modern world I would not
      be fit to survive alone. Moreover, if alone here then I would not want
      to survive, and if I were the only human being here then humanity would
      go out when I went out. I would not even know which plants were safe to
      eat and which ones not, and no doubt it would not be very long before I
      ate the wrong one, and then bingo, or rather me-go amigo.

      Let us suppose that there were two people left here, one man and one
      woman, let us say they were twenty five, very fit and very intelligent
      and spoke the same language. Would humanity survive? They might tick
      along for a while, but folks have accidents, and stuff happens. I would
      guess that humanity would not survive here. Other things taken into
      account this is still really a numbers game. If there were a million
      people then the odds of survival would be better than if there were two
      or ten. Survival, for the large part, is a collectivist thing. People
      working together for that end.

      Human society today is divided into the wealthy and the not wealthy. If
      the two mobs competed then who wins? Obviously the wealthy would, for
      they would have the weapons. It would have nothing to do with which mob
      were nice people and which were not. Imagine a mob of three foot high
      weaklings and who were all nasty characters against a race of six foot
      tall, strong, fit, nice, human beings, but the little critters has the
      weapons and the power. Who wins? Obvious isn't it. The survival of
      the fittest? Well, thus nasty little critters would be the survivors
      here. Who in their right mind would want to be here with them? Is being
      here the only and ultimate criteria? If so then rocks win every time.
      Rocks survive reasonably well, and they don't have to do anything.
      Do you ever get the feeling that so many folks look at things in such a
      parochial and blinkered way that it is laughable?

      Can you imagine the top scientists of his day ten thousand years ago
      standing on a rock dictating to the others that he was the big I am
      because his cutting stone was the sharpest in the locality. Supposing
      that the driving force of change and unfolding was BEAUTY. What then?
      Suppose it was greed. What then? Suppose it was effectiveness and
      innovation. What then?

      As we see it at the moment, from today; we observer a rapidly growing
      population along with a radically shrinking source of power. This does
      not make a promising equation outlook for a future good life here for
      the many. Obviously the greedy will hive off the best and the others
      will go to the wall – if they are allowed to do so; for the greedy
      have the most green-shield stamps, and they no doubt have godo on their
      side too as they see it :- ) I have no idea at all as to what survival
      on this world is down to, but it is plainly not any one thing. But on
      the bottom line there are things here which are alive and there are
      things here which are not alive. I wonder as to how many other rocks
      out there on which this applies. However, we know that life exits here,
      for I am that thing, or a bit of it anyway. So we KNOW (not believe)
      that in the vast scheme of the all there is this phenomenon called LIFE.
      It seems to be a pretty good survivor to me, and it pops up all over
      the place. Good for it.

      But, if what I see of modern day humanity and modern day civilisation
      is the best that LIFE can do, then I would say scrap it, and leave it
      to the rocks and vegetation. But I would not actually do that, for I
      KNOW that they can do better than this. It is not a case that I have
      faith in humanity but rather the case that I KNOW what exists at the
      root of LIFE. It ain't going to go out. But it might on this world,
      and the way things are here of their own making and desires then I
      would not shed any tears for that. The unfolding of the cosmological
      base principles will go on – somewhere. As a human being in this
      society then I judge myself not to be good enough and I judge the
      society not to be good enough. Maybe THAT is the driving principle for

      Can the cosmos have a desire? I have no idea. But I know that I do, and
      I am a part of it, and the desire is for better than this. And onward
      it goes. It would be interesting if they ever looked at the bigger
      picture wouldn't it. I guess the mystics do that; not politicians
      and bankers. If I want people to vote for me for the next five years
      then I must give the mob what it wants. They know what they want right
      enough. I wonder if they know what they need. For starters they need
      waking up. I would even question if they really know what they do want,
      let alone what they need. So many of them do seem to want instant
      gratification of everything, and they want others to do it for them.
      Not the sort of people that I would take on an evolutionary journey
      with me. Given the choice of course. Perhaps that is a good reason for
      a lifetime here being so short. It dumps the bloody lot of them and
      moves on. The moving finger having writ moves on. They say that one
      cannot go back to change a jot if it. That is true. But you can go
      forward and change it. If the will and courage is there to do it. You
      and I will not be here in two hundred years time, but I hope those who
      are will be better at it than we were. Something tells me that they
      will be. Or somewhere any way.

      Dick Richardson

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