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Change and Survival

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Change and Survival [ We think DNA is the master template for life,it is possible that other chemistry may exist. If so we could face a competition unlike any
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 26, 2010
      Change and Survival

      [ We think DNA is the master template for life,it is possible that other

      may exist. If so we could face a competition unlike any man has
      encountered. We

      may face organisms with differeng metabolic systems. I point to the

      bacteria who have a decided advantage over oxygen metabolizers in some

      So, Dick, the concept of the fittest can be most variable on a new

      Certainly an atmosphere seems necessary and it should be very close to

      standing requirements. That is a huge test , atmospheric terraforming is

      massive and time consuuming project which we do not have the present
      capacity to

      preform. The author of Genesis put his Adam and Eve in a fully evolved
      eden with

      no preditors and ample food and water. He had no notion of evolution so

      first people had to arrive fully evolved and fully grown. That is why

      makes no sense but the author had to answer that troubling
      question,Where did we

      come from?Until Darwin we still did not know that. Who I am and where I

      from are all wrapped up in that word evolution and we have learned the

      to those questions.

      It seems we would need integrate upon arrival on a new planet. Even if

      were no big organisms the bacteriology would be new and could be very

      deadly.Observe the sterility protocals we observe even on the lifeless

      So the fittest become the survivors over any given time but they will
      not be

      static, they too will be evolving. At light years from their place of

      humans would change to adapt to the biologic requirements of the new
      home. Your

      proposed next link Homo Esinophilitis might be unable to recognise those

      evolve on a new planet. One million years is significant time in primate

      evolution and weather they could reproduce offspring with those who left
      is an

      interesting question. We are not ready to think in million year time
      frames but

      our geologists are developing the talent. I doubt we will be the same

      when we live on another planet. Bill ]

      May I begin by stating the actual name; Homo Ensophicus; not Homo
      Esinophilitis, whatever that might mean (perhaps you could explain). My
      term has a strict meaning and which has been expounded. Mine is not
      hypothesis for it is here now.

      However, a million years into our future here on earth is pure
      speculation and guesswork, there aren't even any theories, it is way
      too far ahead. Same too with any possible life on any other planet,
      either now, in the past or in the future. None has ever been found. It
      might be one day, and it might not. One can make guesses for ten billion
      years, and it is all pointless. But going and looking would be pragmatic
      if and when we have the ability to do so. As for my DNA being the big
      and only driver here then I do not know that to be true. If it was then
      it would let me off the hook for calling some people silly blind
      bastards, for it would not be me it would be the inside gene pool. There
      would not be a me. Also I can decide whether to breed or not; so much
      for the genes in which case. Who and what rules? I do not doubt that the
      genes are the ship builder, but they are not the crew. My body does not
      dictate what I do. It does dictate some limitations however. AS YET.

      As for other planets then I am having fun with that in the novel (The
      Darsinian Inheritance) which is still in progress, but anyone be can
      read it thus far. And assuming that I ever get time to finish it. But
      this of course IS ALL FICTION. It is the only fiction book which I have
      ever had a go at. I don't really think it is my thing, but it is
      kind of fun playing with it. I have embedded a few facts into it, but I
      don't tell what they are.

      However, it is fun in that it contains four planets with human beings
      living on them at different times, plus a space city society living in
      satellites, and plus a very advanced form of alien life on another
      planet. But all these people have a faculty for communicating with each
      other on earth here and now via a time warp field put together by these
      aliens for this purpose and the benefit of human beings. But I will
      tell you what it is like living here in a million years time if ever I
      get there. In the meantime today has enough problems of its own.
      Especially with religionists and other cultists. I would not take them
      on a new planet with me. I would let them die out here and good riddance
      to them; they are a cancer on the human condition and well past their
      shelf life. ALL OF THEM.


      Dick Richardson

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