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The Implications of Essence Memory

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    The Implications of Essence Memory The major implication of Essence Memory, for me anyway, is that Mystics are born as such, and not made during a lifetime.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2010
      The Implications of Essence Memory

      The major implication of Essence Memory, for me anyway, is that Mystics
      are born as such, and not made during a lifetime. But logic tells me
      that they could be, or might be; or at lest set up to be. I have stated
      time and time again that the mystical life is not about one or two
      experiences. It is a way of BEING in the world, or in LIFE.

      One could say that for those with little experience in life there is no
      mystery at all. And for those with a certain amount of experience there
      is some mystery. And for those with more experience of life it is all a
      mystery; there is nothing which isn't. Hence for the mystic there
      is no mundane and profound as in either an opposed duality or a
      spectrum; for it is all the same thing. However, rationalising the
      thing is not the thing itself. In thinking about it all the thinking is
      not the thing which is thought about. And that which IS, is there
      whether it is thought about or not. It is there whether it is known or

      Now, let us take a mystic. Let us take that being when very young and
      then again when very old. What is the same at both points of that
      spectrum? Yes of course they are the same person, I do not mean that,
      and that applies to everybody. The thing which I found to be the same
      is that they know, and live, the Essence Memory moments. But how can
      this be, for when they are young they have no experience of life? Or
      do they? Or did they? They don't even know that they are mystics.
      But then again that is only a name given to people, it isn't THE
      THING itself. It is not what they are living and the way that they are
      living it. For a word is only a name, a handle.

      Now, take any two isolated moments of this Essence Living, one from
      each end of the spectrum of a lifetime; one when you are seven years
      old and one when you are seventy years old. They are exactly the same
      thing. The only difference is that the young one does not know what is
      going on whereas the old one does. But the knowing that does not make a
      jot of difference to it. The young one has never even known a mystical
      experience. So, it is seen that the combination of all the mystical
      experiences are simply an explanation of all this. They are not the
      cause of it. It was already there. When young, all that was lacking was
      the explanation. But mummy and daddy are not going to explain it; I am
      not going to explain it. LIFE explains it. And not by talking or
      reading :- ) But by experience.

      Now, herein lies the hook-up. In the transcendent state of being one
      KNOWS that one is never terminated (I don't know how it knows that,
      it just does. I don't know how it knows anything at all. But it
      does). Now, if it is never terminated then what the hell is the point
      of it, for it does not do anything and it does not go anywhere. Or does
      it? And here seems to be the key point. Being switched off and being
      terminated are not the same thing. Turning off the light does not
      terminate electricity. Turning off consciousness does not terminate
      consciousness. That happens every night. In the book I made an analogy
      of a Cinema and the audience. But in this cinema the audience were the
      actors taking part in the film, not just observers of it. And then the
      film gets switched off; and the audience are then what they really are.
      Do you get it?

      However, the film was not an illusion, it was as real as real can be.
      For without the film BEING could never BECOME what it can BECOME.
      Temporality can do what Eternity can never do. Do you see? So, how many
      times has that little boy or girl been to the pictures before; and
      without even know it?

      IF you are going to talk about mysticism please know what you are
      talking about before you start. Little boys are not going to tell you.
      Even if they are mystics. One needs to get street-wise again.

      One day when I was little I was staring at something for a while (I
      have always done that, but not all the time) it was only rain dripping
      down a window pane, no big deal. And everything was beautiful, and I
      was in a state of Essential Memory. But I did not know that, or even
      what it was. But it was exactly the same as it is now. The only
      difference is that I have at least some idea of what is going on, and
      he didn't. It takes mystical experience to explain mystical
      experience. And it takes rather a lot of it, for a long time.

      You will find many people who sit in libraries for years reading the
      mystics. And then they come out of the library and write as though they
      were one (SO THEY THINK). They might even write religions or
      Philosophies :- ) You might be surprised as to what some folks would
      pinch to write this or that. But they NEVER talk about the real thing.
      They can fool the public for a long time. But they cannot fool a mystic
      for any of the time. I am not going to name names, because life here is
      not long enough. But I could do, easily. But it does not matter. Grab
      the real thing, because you ARE IT. DON'T look at me, look at YOU.
      But you can tell your grandchildren that you knew one. And what a right
      bastard he was :- ) Folks tend to prefer those who kiss arse and pat
      heads don't they. Mystics never do that. They have been known to
      wash arses and bash heads :- ) Washing arses and bashing heads is the
      same thing. It gets rid of the shit. Unless it is stuck too tight. And
      invariably sends it flying into the fan of complacency and laziness :-
      ) Little boys cant do that either. Neither can non mystics and the
      great pretenders. Tis said that find life living at low tide. There is
      no need for it; for folks do not have to pretend anything. They could
      just say I don't know. And that is honest. It is very wise to be
      honest, for being honest never gets in the way of anything and never
      has to hide from anything. Let alone the truth of this or that. Will
      you look death in the face and smile? Or will there be any business
      left unattended to? Remorse is a hard task master. DON'T go there;
      tis a mugs game.

      Night night; sleep tight. And going is just fine. Fear nothing.


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