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The Effect of Implementing Common Values

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    The Effect of Implementing Common Values It would take few decades to realise the full effects of implementing the common values of the censuses of a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2010
      The Effect of Implementing Common Values

      It would take few decades to realise the full effects of implementing
      the common values of the censuses of a population. For they would be
      then living with what they had demanded; or they would be eating the
      meal that they had cooked. All nations would also be closely watching
      and analysing other nations to see how they got on. And why not indeed,
      for then you can pinch good ideas. They do it now, and always have.
      People do copy, and there is nothing wrong with that; so long as what
      they are copying is for the better and not the worse as they see it.
      But that would be for them to choose, and they would reap what they
      sowed. But when all this is done then anyone could rightly say that you
      made it, you wanted it, and there would be nobody else to blame or
      praise, whichever was the fitting due to the results of which.

      Personally I feel sure that they would make a reasonable job it. Better
      than it is now or ever has been in the past. And they would know full
      well that they had to, for it was them that was doing it. The
      responsibility would be theirs, not this or that group. You cannot pass
      the buck when there is nobody to pass it to. When I was young there was
      no education other than for the elite class of the wealthy; and that,
      was supposedly one the most advanced societies on earth. But things
      have come a long way since then. In this day and age, certainly in all
      the developed nations, anyone who lacks a reasonable education only has
      themselves to blame; for they can even do it themselves these days if
      they want to. It is not easy to think about things without a reasonable
      education, for one would not know what to think about. They would not
      know what there is to think about. A nations wealth is its population
      and the next generation, and an uneducated generation augers well for
      nothing. Education should start on the day of birth and end when being
      buried. From the basics everybody will go down the road of further
      education in whatever it is that draws them to it, and it is all needed
      in a complex society; no matter whether it is the arts or sciences, for
      it is a connected web. In early days societies were simple, but the
      longer it goes on then the more complex it becomes; and rightly so, it
      is natural.

      What does a person do when having to put a tick to questions which they
      really do not have a clue about? They will have ample time to discuss it
      with all their colleagues, watch and listen to the media, to so called
      experts in this or that field, read books, and then make their own mind
      up. And when they vote then their vote will be counted and it will
      count. No physical revolution is needed, no fighting is needed, no
      teams or clandestine clubs are needed, all that is needed is to demand
      it. Existing powers will not have a choice; for when everybody shouts
      for the same thing then the majority will always win if they stick
      together. Ideas can come from any individuals, and they should all be
      heard, but the decisions must rest with the majority will; not this or
      that person or this or that minority group. On occasions this or that
      minority group may even know better, but that does not give them the
      rights to demand it. If they want to do anything then let them try and
      persuade the majority. They tend to listen in most cases, and they will
      do so even more if they knew that they had the power.

      Those who fear that a majority vote on the affairs of man would bring
      ruin and chaos, would soon learn that it would not. And the more that
      they had to do it then the more that it would sharpen them up. They are
      fit for purpose. And they are the bulk of what humanity is. And
      humanity works better when they feel to be a needed and effective part
      of something. And needed they are, and effective they could be. But
      don't wait for the chance to be given it – take it. Nobody and
      nothing will give it to them. Take it. The way you choose to live here
      is your birthright. Make it productive and make it fun. It only lasts a
      lifetime here; so grab it.

      Dick Richardson

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