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Determining Common Values

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    Determining Common Values I doubt very much that any group leader during the stone age had any interest whatsoever in the consensus common values of the mass
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2010
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      Determining Common Values

      I doubt very much that any group leader during the stone age had any
      interest whatsoever in the consensus common values of the mass of the
      people in that area, and as to what they wanted and why. I doubt that
      they ever asked them. Nor in the bronze age, nor during feudal times.
      But in modern times when group leaders are elected they have to; or at
      least they have to be persuasive in their play acting that they are. But
      in any of those times, just as today, they could not push their own
      agendas too far too fast, for if they did, and it was obvious to all,
      then there would be an insurrection, and possibly a revolution. And
      rightly so.

      If a community existed of ten people then all one would have to do is to
      ask them what their values were and what they expected, indeed demanded,
      from that society of which they were a part and worked for. But if
      there were ten thousand or ten billion then you could not do that, for
      by the time you had collected a fraction of that information they would
      all be dead and gone from here. So, it was never actually do-able. But
      it is now with modern technology and high speed computational analysis.
      A thousand values could be asked with a pin button by the side of them
      and the results could be analysed very quickly, even from millions of
      people in all the societies on earth. That is the only way that we
      could ascertain the common values of humanity. And it could be done now.
      And when done they could be implemented.

      If it were so done then you would not like it all and I would not like
      it all. But it would be the consensus mainstream common values. It
      would be the will of the people. But when implemented it would not be
      writ in stone for all time, for people change and they adopt different
      values as they learn and become more aware of things, and causes and
      effects. At the first sign of that package of values no longer being
      the common set of values then it would done again, and again and again.
      It is either that, the people dictating what will be, or somebody
      dictating to them. The latter will never work for long. But hitherto
      this possibility has never existed. But it exists now. It is nice to
      use modern technology for fun, entertainment, and personal education;
      and I am all for that. But I am also for modern technology also being
      used for even more important purposes than mere fun and entertainment.

      It is quite funny really, or maybe sad; for when you ask people what it
      is that they really want then most will not tell you. But they probably
      would if it was kept anonymous. In the meantime people have to belong
      to a party of very narrow defined views and tell the pubic what they
      are for and against and seek election on that. That is not good enough,
      and far from effective. It very very rarely ever satisfies the majority;
      and it starts all over again in four or five years time with no long
      term planning possible. The moral, ethical, and socio-political values
      of the day must be writ by the people; not dictated to them by a few.
      The full use of technology does not mean technology takes over, it does
      not rule us, it simply means that more can be done and quicker by its
      implementation. It is the way forward.

      Dick Richardson, an old fogy.

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