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The Pursuit of Common Values

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    The Pursuit of Common Values In order to ascertain our own individual values we have to seriously analyse what they are, and find what they are; for without
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      The Pursuit of Common Values

      In order to ascertain our own individual values we have to seriously
      analyse what they are, and find what they are; for without knowing what
      they are we cannot pursue them. When found then we can live our own
      individual lives alone in the light of those values, and implementing
      them as best we each individually can. But that alone is not enough.
      The reason that it is not enough is because we do not live here alone,
      and we never will.

      The sum of your existing values might be better and more noble than the
      sum of my existing values, and the sum of my existing values might be
      better than the sum of his or her existing values. But none of that
      matters. The only thing that matters is the sum of the common values
      at any one time, and that is because we do not live here alone, and
      cannot live here alone. So therefore the pursuit is and always should
      be for the sum of the common values. The mainstream of humanity and
      where it is AT. The only way any society is ever going to work anything
      like harmoniously is by the application of the common values.

      Look at the world around you today (for you cannot do it yesterday or
      tomorrow) and you find that the happiest and most vibrant communities
      are those with the greatest degree of equality. It is not a theory it
      is fact which there to be observed now. Nothing in all the annuls of
      human existence causes more unrest than highly unequal societies. It is
      the story of history writ large, and written in blood and enmity.

      When I was little I had a view of society (and still do) which is so
      different from anything which has ever existed here, or what exists yet,
      that it simply remains a personal pipe dream. I cannot make it happen.
      Neither should I try to pursue it. Why not? Because right now the
      common values are the important issue; not mine. But one thing can and
      does lead to another, and that is change. Gradual and incremental
      change. A bit at a time. Going it knows not where other than a little
      bit better today than was yesterday. And that is how it is done and
      that is how it arrives. One bit at a time.

      Without values there are no goals, and no planning, no striving, and no
      optimism, and thence no improving. No moving on. If a person or group of
      people look after your children whilst you are working, educates your
      children, looks after your aged parents, mends sick people, conducts
      children across the road; then is it right that he and she earns in a
      year what a banker earns in a day? Is it right? No it is not right and
      it will cause WAR and bloodshed. It is inventible because of the human
      spirit. The banker will tell you that it is right. Well, they would
      wouldn't they. But it is not right. Life here is for all of us; and
      no matter what the job, what the trade, what the abilities. Divided
      societies will NEVER work. And I sincerely hope that they never could
      work. Application of the common values will never bring a perfect
      world. But it will bring a better one than it is now; and people will
      be happier and more productive because of it. If people work only for
      themselves, and not in part for society too, then society will never
      work. Working for society is not the abdication of freedom, it is the
      implementation of it. Make it work, for I might have to come back here
      sometime. But even if I don't, others will come here and have to
      live here.

      Dick Richardson

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