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The Best Moments in Life

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    The Best Moments in Life [ You speak of finding and knowing things, but how can you ever really know anything for sure? And what are these things? ] Well,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2010
      The Best Moments in Life

      [ You speak of finding and knowing things, but how can you ever really
      know anything for sure? And what are these things? ]

      Well, they are life experiences of course, what else :- ) They don't
      need defining or to be proved, they just need to be lived and known;
      and that is the proof; they don't even need a name. They are just
      those events, those moments, which one can never forget whilst here.
      Those moments which excited and moved one. Moments to remember. How
      can you not know them when you lived them? How can you not be sure of
      them; for you were there and lived it? They cannot even be argued with,
      for it happened, and you were there and knew it. They are things which
      life has to offer one. That is one of the questions which I asked myself
      when I was little – what does life have to offer one. And I found
      out by living it. Didn't you? There is no other way of knowing.
      You will not find life in a book or a movie, nor in words, you just
      have to live it to know it. What else is life for? You do not have to
      make these things, these events, these moments, they just happen. All
      you have to do is to be there and live them and notice them. There has
      never been a day go by where something worth knowing did not happen.
      Ever. It is there all the time, in one way or another.

      To try counting these things, these events, these moments, would be
      impossible, for it is most of life; thousands and thousands and
      thousands of things, events, occurrences, moments. Neither are they for
      comparing, because they are all different. But the sum of them all is
      just that, well, I don't know, just that leaving one where one is
      AT. Was it not good to have been there? I found is to be so. It was a
      wow ride. So, to say what were the best bits is impossible, and they
      were all different; and there would be far too many of them to recount
      or make mention of. A whole lifetime of it.

      I could recount a few hundred which might be at the top of list in the Q
      field of WOW-POW, but what is the point, for that would only be judging
      some against the others. But as it is all connected anyway, in one
      stream as it were, then it would leave gaps if one did that, but none
      can be left out; for it is all connected – a lifetime. You know
      these things, so what is there to say. It does not need to be said does
      it. And how can you not know it if you have lived it? If you have not
      done that yet then get out there and live it. It is there waiting for
      you. Do things. And the doing of them will teach you things, and you
      will know; and then you will be that much wiser. What is the point of
      life if you do not learn from it by living it. That would be a life
      wasted. If you sit in a chair and waste it then life experience will
      not come to you. You already have it; so use it.


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