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Love and Respect

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    Love and Respect [ I just wonder where s the love and respect that we owe one another. ] Each must speak for themselves, and as to where they are each AT
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2010
      Love and Respect

      [ I just wonder where's the love and respect that we owe one
      another. ]

      Each must speak for themselves, and as to where they are each AT in
      their awareness of things. Nobody can speak for another – except
      fools of course; and they are never wrong are they; they cannot even
      conceive of ever being wrong about anything.

      As for owing anybody anything, then I don't borrow things so I owe
      nobody anything. Neither do I lend things to anybody; either I give or
      I don't give. If you lend then you are expecting it back, and I have
      never ever expected anything in life. If you give then that is the end
      of it, and nothing is expected back. When I was young I did lend a
      few things and I wanted them back, but I never got them back; so that
      put an end to lending things. Either keep it or give it away. We come
      into this world with no positions and we go the same way. Owning is
      trivial and irrelevant. In actual fact you can never own anything at
      all. Things come and things go. It is the way of it.

      As for respect, then that has to be earned, you cannot buy, lend,
      expect, or give, respect. I have met a few people whom I respected. But
      not many. Do I expect respect? No. If I did then I would be very
      disappointed. I have not got time for disappointment; life here is too
      short. If you expect nothing then you can never ever be disappointed.
      Anything which then comes your way which is worth having for a while is
      a serendipity.

      As for love. Well, what can one say. They all seem to be looking for
      something don't they; a meaning or purpose to life, they join this
      and that and thinking that they are going to find it there. They will
      not. Once again they are expecting, and once again they will be
      disappointed and frustrated by virtue of it. Nothing ever seems to
      satisfy them does it. Like a thirst unquenchable. Sad. But that is due
      to their expectations. It is down to attitude. They have a strange
      attitude and a whole plethora of silly beliefs, wishes and wants. Dump
      them all and walk free of being tied and restricted by them.

      However, if you have ever found anything in life on earth better than
      being in love, then let me know what it is that is better. For I have
      not. Moreover, I was not even looking for that. It just came.
      Serendipity. I was not in want or need of it. But there it was. It is
      the only thing I know in life here on earth that is worth knowing;
      worth being in. How did one grab that? One did not grab it; it just
      came with the package of being a human being here on earth. And it was
      good. As for the love of this or that thing or this or that person, then
      that does not last here. But Love does.

      Does it matter that you were once in love with this or that thing or
      this or that person and then it fades or simmers down to a cool heat?
      No, not at all. All that matters is that you knew it and lived it.
      That can never be undone. Nothing which is ever done can ever be
      undone. Things comes and things go, but it was done and known and
      lived. What more do you want? If you want never ending full blown love,
      forever; then you will not find that on earth because the earth and
      time and change is a becoming process. But that never ending love is
      there to find. But not on earth. Go forth from whence you came and
      learn; and when you have learned then you will find that it was yours
      in the beginning; and ever was. If you want to respect anything then
      respect that. And there is no charge or lending, so you owe nothing,
      other than to be a reflection of what you are, and to maintain that
      dignity of your SELF; and no matter what is blown in on the winds of
      time. That is the acid test of LIFE. But ask them about life and what
      they found here and most of them simply tell you what they believe.
      They do not seem to know anything by having lived it. Sad. I wonder
      why. It does not have to be that way here; or anywhere. But that is the
      way they seem to like it here. They love believing things. Let them
      have it, I don't want it. They will reap the effects of what they
      sow; and what they don't sow. Hate and fear seems to rule the
      roost here. One day they might smile and say that was good. But that
      is down to them, nothing else.

      Dick Richardson

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