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Some universal resource?

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Some universal resource? [ Or is this timeless sacred constant instead some universal resource we tap in to.] There are some interesting words there, such as;
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2010
      Some universal resource?

      [ Or is this timeless sacred constant instead some universal resource
      we tap in to.]

      There are some interesting words there, such as; Constant, Universal,
      Resource, and Tap. But let me take the sum of the sentence on face
      value, and hope that I am picking up your meaning.

      What makes that timeless realm `sacred'? Well, it is to me
      because I love it. And I loved being in it. And IN IT I loved. But I
      also love things here too. So I guess it is me than judges it to be
      sacred. But I do not judge it to be timeless, for that is what it is
      irrespective of my feelings about it. There is no change there, the
      only TIME there is such that it does not move, it is always NOW. There
      is no before and after, there is no WAS or WILL BE. There are no events
      there that change, it is just one unchanging event. That is why I call
      it the Paradise Event, and the gnosis Event, or the Eternal NOW Event.

      However, you have to keep in mind that it was I (that part of me which
      exists there, the I AM phenonomena) that was the observer there. I was
      the experiencer there. But what IS IT independent of my being there to
      observer and know it? That is not possible to know, because I am the
      Observer not the Observed.

      Exactly the same thing happens here on earth and with the physical
      universe. I am the observer of it all, but I am not that which I am
      observing. So, here too in time and space I am the Observer not the
      Observed. This is how self consciousness works. Consciousness always
      creates a duality of the Observer and the Observed, the I and the Thou;
      the Me and the NOT ME. That is the same here as it is there.

      To ask as to if we `tap into it' would be the same as asking do
      I tap into life on earth and the universe of space, time and change? I
      am not aware of tapping into anything, all this stuff just happens and
      I observe it and live it. None of it is my doing.

      Now, it is plain enough that this is all unbeknown to many people here.
      So why is that? I don't know. They also seem to take this world
      and this physical universe as the be all and end all to life, and the
      place where it all happens. So for them this is their starting point.
      But not for me. My starting point is THERE, in the Timeless Domain, it
      is where I begin and come from. This world and this physical universe,
      for me, is just a passing experience, but not the constant thing. It is
      Transient not Permanent.

      But being transient does not make it not real. Being transient does not
      make life here some kind of dream. It is real here, and I am living it,
      and I like it; it is good here, and even if it is transient. Every pint
      of beer is transient, every life form here is transient, it all comes
      and goes. But that is the fun of it isn't it. So what is wrong with
      things being transient here? I don't know whether you realise it or
      not but for something to be transient is a dammed sight more mysterious
      and wondrous than something that is permanent.

      Another funny thing you see is that folks call what I talk about by the
      name of `mysticism'. But for me it isn't. The real
      mysticism is HERE, every day. Mysticism is a tree coming into flower
      then the leaves falling. Mysticism is a sunset and a dew drop.
      Mysticism is sitting around a blazing fire with a beer and a cigarette.
      But for other people these things are mundane, normal things of daily
      life; and they want `mysticism'. It is all around them every
      moment of their life here and they do not see it. The timeless is not
      a mystery to me, but things in time are; because they change. It is
      amazing. The beauty on this world is out if this world. There is
      infinitely more beauty and variety here on this world than there is in
      the timeless transcendent mode of permanent being.

      But what is ANY of it when not being observed by an observer? It is not
      possible to know. For no matter were I exist or for how long I exist I
      am always the Observer of the Observed. And I like being that. It is as
      though it is all made for me. I have no complaints or grumbles. It is
      good. The only thing that messes this world up is some people. They make
      it ugly, they make life ugly, their make themselves ugly, they make
      everything ugly. What is wrong them? Let them work it out, it is not
      my job. I know my job.

      So, do I tap into all this? No, it taps into me. How? I don't
      know, it just happens. I just have to be there to be tapped into and do
      what I do here. That I have found things which they don't talk
      about and don't seem to want know, is not my problem. I just take
      what comes and get on with it. And I always did. Don't tell me what
      you believe for that is boring and irrelevant. Life is not about
      believing things it is about experiencing them and living them. Just
      tell me what you know, and then we can compare notes. When somebody
      starts ranting on about what they believe then I just smile and walk
      out of the room and leave them to it.

      Anyway, I must go and get on with day now, I haven't got many of
      them left here now; the machine is getting too old and now ready for


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