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Re: The Timeless and Sacred

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    Re: The Timeless and Sacred [ We live in a time in history where what you suggest should be more than obvious. We create new things. Do they come from the
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      Re: The Timeless and Sacred

      [ We live in a time in history where what you suggest should be more
      than obvious. We create new things. Do they come from "the mind" ? Or
      is this timeless sacred constant instead some universal resource we tap
      in to. ]

      With respect, we do not live in a time of history; we live now. Today
      will not be history until tomorrow. We only ever live now. I did live in
      the now in past times, but those times are now history; 1938 to 2009
      does not exist. But I remember it well.

      As to `obvious' then it is not possible to know what is or what
      is not obvious to any living critter other than oneself. Is vision
      obvious to a blind person? Is sound obvious to somebody born deaf? Is
      this or that chess move obvious to all chess players? All I know is
      what I have experienced throughout life; both on earth and in the
      timeless realm. And that is all. I don't know anything about pre
      1938 and I don't know anything about tomorrow. I am aware of a lot
      of claims regarding pre 1938, but I was not there to know it. So,
      history is hearsay, not my experience of life.

      On earth we find two kinds of things. Those issued forth by man, like
      motor cars, houses, religions and myths, superstitions; and we find
      those things that are not issued forth the by man, such as tress,
      rivers, stars, the physical universe and the timeless realm, etc. There
      is not one thing in human civilisations which did not come from the
      mind of man. Wheels, roads, hamlets, towns, cities, factories, pens,
      paper, language, all began as ideas in the human mind. It is not
      difficult to distinguish as to what is man made and what isn't.

      As an extant living conscious phenomenon I am a part of the natural
      order, not man made things. I am LIFE in this formation. I am not a cat
      or a dog type life. I have no idea whatsoever what it is like to be cat
      or dog type life here; all I can judge by is what I see and what I have
      learned of them by way of experience. They seem fine to me. Never once
      have I ever had any problems with them. But I have had a lot of fun and
      good times with them, and I have sometimes cried when they have gone.
      But, life goes on and we cannot spend the day weeping over our personal
      loss of something we loved or had. Life here is too short to weep and
      there is too much to do.

      One thing which I have never had which so many people in the USA and
      the Middle East seem to have is RELIGION. Man invents and writes
      religions and all the gods and demons thereof. There have been thousands
      of them. I don't want them, don't need them. I like to walk
      without a crutch and I like my mind free of drugs. But these things do
      not exist in reality and the natural order. They are just spooks of the
      mind implanted into people for socio-political reasons by power mongers.
      I don't want them. I like the natural things just as they are. But
      there are many things made by man which I do like very much. Probably
      the best of which is music (and beer). And there are many things made
      by man which I detest. And none more so than religions; because they
      mess with the mind of man. Given the chance I would destroy them all.
      But I cannot do that. But I will have a good go at it whilst the chance
      exists. What is obvious to one might not be obvious to all – YET.

      It is obvious to me that I am on this world, but not of it. I know
      where I came from; and I can remember it well. Is it obvious to
      everybody? It does not seem to be the case does it. We live and learn.
      Hang in there. One day, for you, this world will not be there. Wait and
      see what you get then, if anything. I left it behind once, and it was
      good. But it was good to get back here too. I have no WANT to exist in
      the Timeless Realm, I like it here best; for here I am free. But here
      can only last for a lifetime. That is fine by me. Hope you are happy
      too. Grab the day, for it will never come back again. Only the timeless
      cannot be destroyed. It does not come and go. Time and change is built
      upon the foundation of no time and no change. Once upon a time there
      was a time when there was no time; and I was there, like a child in awe
      of a master work. I am an extension of I AM. You see.

      Have a nice day. Try not kill anything. Life is sacred.


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