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Is there nothing sacred and timeless in life?

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Is there nothing sacred and timeless in life? Had an email today from a colleague who said that she had a new friend who had put this question to her – Is
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2010
      Is there nothing sacred and timeless in life?

      Had an email today from a colleague who said that she had a new friend
      who had put this question to her – Is there nothing sacred and
      timeless in life? I told her to tell him that there was, and that it
      was there to find and to know. I wonder why he chose those two words:
      Sacred and Timeless? Sacred it is, and timeless it is; for time does
      not move there; and there is no change there; it is divine and wondrous.

      However, on face value and looking at this world and the outer universe
      one would never guess it, and there is nothing found there to even imply
      it. Everything we see on the world and the outer universe changes,
      nothing is fixed or timeless and invariably the world changes for the
      worse, it gets more crowded and noisy and dirty every day; and they fill
      it up with junk and trivia and concrete and stinking polluted rivers. So
      why should anybody assume that there was anything sacred and timeless
      about all this?

      I never for one moment ever assumed that there was. And then one evening
      I found it, and it was, just that, divine, wondrous, sacred and
      timeless. I was shocked, and in awe. Yet I could not accept it; for it
      did not fit in with the rest of it. So for twenty years I tried to kill
      it off and argue it away. But each day I kept getting pounded with this
      love which I had found, and each day it got more and more mysterious,
      and the days become more and more wondrous. Then one day twenty years
      later I found it all out there on the earth and in the universe too, but
      in a different form. But it was the same sacred and timeless stuff;
      dancing as it were in the grass and the fields, and in everything; and
      in me. That which I found in transcendence had been here all the time
      and I had not seen it. But I see it now.

      When I told folks of this they became annoyed and angry with me. They
      did not want to hear this gibberish rubbish. I wonder why they did not
      want to hear it. Isn't it worth talking about? I think so. But
      perhaps they envisage better things and are expecting that. I expected
      nothing, and I got that. Later I found just a few others that had found
      it too. From Eternity for this purpose. Life is good, both the timeless
      and the bits that move and change in time. For me it is all sacred.
      There isn't anything which isn't. But you cannot tell them these
      things can you, for they have not got a clue what you are talking about
      and they are not even interested. Life experience and the passion seems
      to be irrelevant to them. All that matters for them is what they
      believe. Oh well, press on regardless. It begins well, and it ends
      well, and the bit middle is the best of the lot; for therein I AM free.
      But it is all sacred, and I love it if nobody else does. It will never
      be lonely with me around. I guess it needs to be loved. I will do that,
      forever, or as long as I AM.


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