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Without Feeling

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    Without Feeling [ Hi - I appreciate this. I had a strange (disturbing) conversation with someone last night - she tries to wipe out all emotion on the basis
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2010
      Without Feeling

      [ Hi - I appreciate this. I had a strange (disturbing) conversation
      with someone last night - she tries to wipe out all emotion on the basis
      they are 'bad' for us and we can choose our thoughts she says
      (psychology 000 sub state) and therefore can be task masters - that in
      itself is a bad idea. She disappoints me in that I cannot fully express
      myself which I find very thwarting. I think I must be in for a new set
      of friends. I also have been less close to another friend who is more
      psychic as a Gift but she is more distant interestingly, not wanting to
      work with feelings - maybe some of us let some of ourselves go??
      perhaps this sends us back to Spirit, or in others living a more
      contracted life - so interesting these are people who suggest they are
      there for others - maybe it is all a withdrawal under stress/I do not

      No it won't be kept inside and I thought I would do a compilation of
      excerpts for you so you can see how the awareness and spirit 'will' find
      its way - I will be doing that sometime today and thank you for your
      effort and wisdom. ]

      We cannot choose our family, but we can choose which friends to
      associate with. We cannot actually choose friends, for that just
      happens, there is no choice in it, no more so than choosing who one
      falls in love with; it just happens; it is an affinity mysterious. But
      an associate is not worth having if they are not a friend. One would be
      better off alone if they were not a true and natural friend. You can
      walk with a friend and there is nothing to hide or shy away from.

      As for you colleague's assertion which negates human feelings, well,
      some folks are frightened of feelings lest they get hurt (and we often
      will), so let them starve, that is their problem. It will result in and
      empty barren life. Without feelings Man would be a robot. If you study
      yourself and life you will find that we are ninety percent E-Motion
      stuff and ten percent rational stuff. The person who does not FEEL life
      is dead on the inside. Their fear of living hides their feelings and
      emotions, and it all seem to just go into hibernation and buried under
      the ice. Sad. Looking back over all these years there is not one jot it
      which I am not passionate about; and it is wonderful. A life to remember
      with relish eh. Ah, it was good, and it was lived, and it was loved.

      As for the letting go which takes one home by the gravity of love to the
      ground of our being and then redeeming that mystical gnosis, then yes.
      The passion is such when it grabs you that one just has to let go of the
      world and all that you know here, and just go with it. It takes you
      home. It does indeed. It is all PASSION, and that gravity which comes
      with it.

      True enough, we cannot force it or invoke it; it has to be the real
      thing and at the right moment; and then let go and go with it, and then
      home you go. Yes, you have to let go and melt into it. And then home is
      the traveller from the fields of time and space, back home into the
      ground of being from whence we come. Although there is vision and
      understanding there (wisdom) it is otherwise ALL LOVE, and passion fit
      to blow universes. Tis so. Kind of magic isn't it, and very
      mysterious. During a lifetime ONCE is enough, and even with once the jug
      overflows and never runs dry.

      I am a great lover of reason and intellect, but I am passionate about
      passion. If I had to let go of either reason or emotion then I would let
      go of reason. For with passion alone there is a reason to live. And how
      fiercely we fought and loved; and how well we remember it all. But
      reason alone is nought but a cold shower with no get up and go in it.

      Huh, people talk about their silly gods and religions which they invent,
      or have others inflict on to them. They have not got a clue about real
      life, real love, real passion, and real intelligence; and real reality.
      The mind of Man is ever tied to cross of Time and Eternity, and a great
      wonder is Man. FACT. Those who say that there is no divine wondrous
      thing about life are just bloody blind and dead inside. It is all a
      mystery, a divine mystery and wonder. As for the walking dead, well if
      they like it that way then let them stay that way, for it will not
      affect any of this. Nothing can touch this.

      Dick Richardson

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