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The Mystics Path

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    The Mystics Path You have that transcendent unitary mystical experience when you are young, and no doubt many other more minor experiences along the way, as
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2010
      The Mystics Path

      You have that transcendent unitary mystical experience when you are
      young, and no doubt many other more minor experiences along the way, as
      is usually the case; so what are you going to do with it? You have one
      of two choices. You can either keep it to yourself and just live with
      it, (which most of them seem to do, alas) or you can eventually decide
      to share it with others and write and talk about it. So, what are you
      going to do? And why are you going to do what it is that you decide to
      do? Question yourself and your motivations. The following is friendly
      advice only, and for whatever that may be worth. It is not a suggestion
      but simply advice as food for thought.

      If this experience comes in middle age or late in life then you are not
      going to get the time and chance to do much with it; so best just live
      with it, digest it all, and say nothing to anyone. But, if you are
      under thirty at the time, then hopefully you will have the time to do
      much with it, if you decide to do anything with it that is. The
      personal goal of course with all this is to digest all the experiences,
      especially that one, so that the personality becomes a living
      reflection (as near as one can do that) to what the being is in Essence.
      The goal is NOT to get rid of the personality (ego) but to build it
      STRONG and make good use of it. The idea of getting rid of the
      personality (ego) is utter nonsense and BULL. You are not going to
      operate here on this world without a strong personality and

      However, the best thing by far is to say or write nothing at all for
      the first twenty years, and even if you intend to later. You only need
      to put five years aside for writing about it later on. So, along with
      working for a living and raising the children as all must do, the next
      twenty years is best spent in detective work and study. Study all the
      religions and philosophies, all the history and politics, study
      everything you can get at; and whilst also watching people closely. It
      is true enough that what you read is only hearsay, second hand
      information, and you do not know which bits are true and which are not.
      But it is not all lies. All the time you are doing this then give much
      thought and contemplation to it all. And that is your background work.
      Whilst doing this you will soon see who was talking the real stuff and
      who was spouting rubbish. That bit is easy.

      So, you eventually reach the point where you have done enough of all
      that, and then comes crunch point. What are you going to do with it
      all? A good analogy here is the phenomenon of love. Imagine that you
      were burning up with love, you are a walking love bucket. Are you going
      to keep all that inside you and do nothing with it? It is not going to
      do any good at all locked up inside you like a prisoner is it. It will
      just rot in there. You have to dump it. So you dump it on the world
      (the world needs it by the way) you dump it everywhere, and on
      everything. Love is no good in here, it has to go out there. Same too
      with the mystical knowledge of what life IS and what you and what
      everybody is at root. It is no good to you as a prisoner; so dump it.
      But if you decide to do nothing with it; well, that is understandable
      giving the way this world is. But if you do nothing with it then it is
      wasted, wasted on you.

      But if you do blast it out there then only other mystics are going to
      KNOW what you are talking about. The rest are not going to KNOW what
      you are talking about. In so doing you will soak up all the abuse and
      ridicule imaginable, and much that you had never even imagined possible.
      You will get it all. But so what!

      There are a few things to keep in mind here. New mystic are coming all
      the time; and whilst new to all this your words can help them. FACT.
      Mystics of a hundred years time might find your words and they might
      help them. I wish I had found a few, but I didn't. But I did find
      reams of bullshit and lies. IF you undertake this task then you are
      going to be destroying religions. There is no option to that. But you
      are giving back something which is true, and there to find and be
      known. So, you will be destroying in order to build. THAT is the task
      of all mystics throughout all time. Also keep in mind that language
      evolves, and in so doing that gives one more subtle scope to use words
      as pointers. Keep in mind also that religions are on the way out
      anyway, only the simple minded adhere to them now. And their masters of
      course. But whereas years ago a religion would have needed dynamite to
      get rid of them all they need now is a shove. And then a shovel to bury
      them all. One pit for all of them will suffice.

      So, are you going to assist in undertaking this task or are you not? If
      you don't then you are not a mystic. It takes more than mystical
      experience to make a mystic. It takes guts and determination. However,
      after that mystical reunion event give all this much thought and work
      for twenty years; and then decide. For once undertaking this road
      then there is no going back or copping out because it gets a bit hot
      for you. Your life, your decision. Make it a good one. The right one.
      There is only one right one. But if you are not one then don't play
      at it; for you will do far more harm than good. You cannot do this if
      you don't know what it is that you are talking about. This is not a
      field for make believe and pretence. The phenomenon is called real
      life. Go well with it and do it justice. We are all from eternity for
      this purpose. Mystical experience is NOT for you. It is life, and for
      life; and the unfolding of this implicate order WILL out. It is not
      kept within.


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