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Young Dog Old Dog.

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    Young Dog Old Dog. One advantage to living here longer than dogs is that we can observe their life cycle from young dog to old dog within ten to twenty
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2010
      Young Dog Old Dog.

      One advantage to living here longer than dogs is that we can observe
      their life cycle from young dog to old dog within ten to twenty years;
      and you have no doubt observed many of them as I have. And we find that
      in so many things they are same as you and me.

      When a young dog is let out it goes tearing off hither and thither to
      explore everything in reach. When tired and worn out it comes home,
      demands its food and drink, and then crashes out in the best armchair,
      just like a cat or you and me.

      The old dog has done all that so many times that it has come to realise
      that home is the best place to be anyway; so why bother to dash about
      all over the joint. So, it will just sniff around locally and the local
      fields, roll on its back on the grass in the garden with it legs waving
      at the clouds and be content there. Then at the end of the day it will
      demand its food and drink and grab the best armchair and crash out;
      just like the cat and you and me. The difference is that we have to
      supply the food and drink. We are not as smart as dogs and cats yet.
      Hey, Rover, get my dinner mate and make the fire up! That'll be the
      day eh.

      Home is always the best place isn't it. And I am referring here to
      the home we each have here, not the other place in Eternity, but the
      one with four walls and a roof and an armchair. Home is the place where
      you choose to live because you like it there best. It might be the
      place you were born or it might be thousands of miles away from there,
      but home is where the heart is, the place you like best. It might be a
      castle or a palace, it might be a cave, it might be a mud hut or a
      thatched cottage, but whatever it is it is home, because you want to be
      there and like it. As for the cat and the dog then anywhere will do
      because they want to be with you. So long as it has food, drink and an
      armchair, and its freedom; then sod the rest of it :- ) A house is only
      a house until it is a home. Just as the world is only a world until you
      love it; and then you see and realise that it is more than that. And
      then the inner and the outer are in a wonderful syncopation and harmony
      for life. It is what it is all about.

      It is always dark when I go to bed, but I don't put the lights on
      because I can feel my way around and it saves disturbing anyone. A
      couple of nights ago I got into bed and she had her arse sticking right
      over my side, so whilst sitting up drinking my coffee in the dark I
      gave it bash and told her to move her butt. But there was no reaction.
      So I put the light on to take a look see. It was one of the dogs. I had
      forgotten that my wife was away for the night. It opened one eye, gave
      me a dirty look, closed its eye again and went back to sleep. Ahh, tis
      a dogs life is this.


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