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Experience Evidence and Interpretation

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    Experience Evidence and Interpretation In answer to the interpretation and evidence question. You have just experienced a nice sunny day, or maybe a wet
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2010
      Experience Evidence and Interpretation

      In answer to the interpretation and evidence question.

      You have just experienced a nice sunny day, or maybe a wet miserable
      dull day. Do you require proof, evidence, of that? Is there anything
      which needs to be interpreted about that? It was what it was what it
      was. You have just had a wonderful screw with your partner. Do you
      require evidence or proof of that? If you do then there must be
      something drastically wrong with you. Can you prove that you are
      conscious to somebody else? Do you need proof or evidence of it from
      somebody else? It is axiomatic, irrefutable, undeniable.

      I am (not at he moment) drifting in a realm for three hours which I can
      see with perfect vision, in 3D, in colour, it is everywhere as far as I
      can see, it is the most beautiful and amazing place and vision ever
      known up to that time; and time does not move there; and in the state
      of being I cannot think, I cannot remember anything other than this, I
      cannot see anything of myself, and I know that I exist in the perfect
      state of existence in this place. I also know that I was never brought
      forth and that I never end. It is a swoon of ecstasy and passion.
      Therein I love with a passion unexplainable. I don't know what all
      that stuff is out there or what all those little lights are, but I can
      see them in perfect vision. Therein I have no personality, no will, no
      thoughts, no wants, no needs, no questions. It is perfect existence.
      But what is it that I love therein? Nothing, no thing no object. I
      don't know any other than being this. It is love directed at
      nothing. It is just the love of TO BE and to be here.

      Then it all ends and I am back here. How do I feel for the first couple
      of hours? Fucked! Shocked! Bemused! Well and truly. For this is
      impossible! But it happened and every detail of it is remembered, and
      for the rest of ones life it has effect and effect and effect, all for
      the better. Until one day I found something even better than that, and
      I found it here on earth. And I have told about it.

      Do I require any proof of any of this? I had it, I lived it. Do I
      require any evidence? It is its own evidence. Was I looking for it?
      No. How can you go looking for something which you do not know exists
      to be found. I had never heard of such thing. But you have now. So what
      are you going to do with the hearing of it? Are you going to demand
      proof or evidence of the truth of it? It cannot be given other then by
      you living it. If I lived here for ten million years I could never
      prove it to anybody. It is not possible. So why bother to mention it?
      Because it is there, and there to be had and known. It makes life
      better than it was before. One speaks of it for many reasons, but the
      major one is to give people some hope in what can be seen to be a
      miserable and pointless life. Another reason is to try and destroy all
      man made religions, for they are corrupt and divisive and they cause
      nothing but misery and pain and hate and worry; and they prevent people
      from growing up. I would love to annihilate them ALL. And I will try to
      do so for as long as I ever exist, and with a great passion which is
      unquenchable. It is the power of love and the love of the truth.

      As for interpretation then what is there to interpret? It requires no
      interpretation. There is nothing to interpret. You eat an ice cream.
      What is there to interpret about that event and the experience of it?
      Do you need proof or evidence that you ate it? Stick your hand in the
      fire or boiling water and see what you interpret that experience as.
      Was it really something else? Was it really being somebody's hat?
      Was that transcendent ground of being in the last place that I looked
      for it? I was not looking for it. I did not want it. You have heard
      it and you might want it. Then again you might not. Would I have wanted
      it if I had heard of it? That is a what IF question, it cannot be
      answered because it never happened and I don't know. But knowing me
      then I would probably have listened and just wondered; Was he she
      telling the truth or not? I would not know would I. But if they were up
      to it then I would have questioned them until they fell asleep. I would
      have been looking for credence and sincerity.

      Does it matter to me whether people accept this or not, or even find it
      for themselves? No. Not a jot. It makes no difference to me AT ALL.
      But I would like them to have it for then the world would be a better
      place to live on. And that is a fact. Prove it I cant. But I just know
      that it would. Even the world is not the same thing after knowing that
      and its resolution on earth. It is living a different kind of life. But
      here and now I am trying to live that life on a world which is not
      conduce for it. Hence the pain and annoyance. This does not mean the
      physical world, which is just fine, and perfect for me, but it means
      the society and the things that people do. It is a travesty of what
      life is. It is but a sad shadow of what life is and how it could be

      Take any aspect of human endeavour here, no matter whether it is
      politics, business, art, sport, all of it; it is all rife with
      corruption, cheating, lying, subterfuge. How many are already corrupt?
      How many who are not corrupt are corruptible? If they would even cheat
      to acquire money in sport and games then what hope is there? This is
      another breed of human being; and one which I abhore. You want to talk
      about mystical experience? We are. You want to talk about life? We
      are. You want to talk about being? We are.

      I am not a mystic, for I have read about them and I do not conform to
      their pathetic pattern. I have no gods and demons, no mixed up world
      and heaven. I have no pupils or gurus. I have no heroes or icons. I
      have LIFE; and I have Time and Eternity, and the power to make some

      You want me to prove all this to you? I cant. But life can. In the
      meantime if anything which you have not known cannot be real because
      you have not known it, then you are a fool, and will remain one. Those
      who know least always seem to think that they know most, or all there
      is to know. But they don't even have to be that way. As for me then
      I am just starting out on learning; a lifetime is not long enough, and
      it is also oh so busy with so much to do. But those who do not ask
      questions, observe things closely, and seek answers, then they will
      remain blind fools for the duration of their lifetime here; and the
      world does not need them; for they just get in the way of progress

      A momentary brain disorder (for seventy three years)? If that is what
      you want it to be then so be it. So avoid brain disorders in which
      case. I truly have given, free of charge with no strings attached, and
      only by way of words, for I can do no other, that which no physical eye
      has ever seen, that which no physical hand has ever touched, and which
      has never occurred to the personality or the daily rational mind, and
      that which time cannot touch. Do with that what you will. And when you
      do find it then what are you going to do with it?

      I have told of Transcendence and of the Transcendent also becoming
      imminent here on earth, and I have told about Homo Ensophicus. I have
      also told of the journey across the Styx and the Arkon realm of the
      subconscious. Who else has told of these things as of yet? Go see if you
      can find one in the English language. I don't know any other
      languages; so I cannot read them. But one is enough for me. But I am
      not a scientist or an academic, and I have no qualifications or letters
      after my name; so it cannot be true can it. I have also spent more time
      cleaning toilets than studying atoms. I can get at the toilet but I
      cannot get at an atom. So I am just a fool. But I can also get to
      eternity beyond annihilation and through that crack in the fabric of
      time. Can you? If not why not? Your problem, not mine. Oh well, time
      for some breakfast now; for tis nearly 9.30 and I am hungry. Have a
      nice day.

      Dick Richardson

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