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Inspirational Moments

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Inspirational Moments Human beings are always in need of inspiration, (and encouragement of course). There never was or will be a time on earth when
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2010
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      Inspirational Moments

      Human beings are always in need of inspiration, (and encouragement of
      course). There never was or will be a time on earth when inspiration for
      this or that will not be needed. Whatever it is that gets done, which
      is worth anything, which was not first inspired either by a single idea
      or a vision of something via those quiet eureka moments? All of them
      were. Such visions are not restricted to this or that sex, this or that
      culture, this or that nation, this or that age, this or that type of
      education. But they are restricted to human beings. Cows don't
      come up with penicillin or central heating. But they are good at
      turning grass into milk. Just as we could be good at turning life here
      from a hard struggle into an enjoyable event for a lifetime. We have
      what it takes to do that. If we use it.

      There is nothing, absolutely nothing, in human civilisation which did
      not begin with an idea or a visionary insight, and then the guts and
      determination to put it into effect in the world. No matter whether
      it was wheels and roads, or growing crops, and bringing forth star ships
      and sealed bio systems. Man is on the road to becoming something that
      we at least have never known exist in the physical universe. Others may
      have done it before, and passed away. Others my do it in the future.
      There may be others out there now far too distant to know of them. But
      none of that matters either way, for we are here and now and we can do
      it. What an opportunity it is.

      And one of the most amazing and mysterious things of all are those
      needed moments of vision and insight, and the inspiration which they
      bring; and yet they are ever there and they keep popping up, in all
      generations. The useable driving the seen. The invisible pushing and
      pulling the visible. The intangible driving the tangible onwards.

      Many bad ideas have come into being and for whatever reasons people do
      them. So, human civilisation is a contest between the good and
      constructive ideas and the not so good and possibly destructive ideas;
      and society has got no choice other than to make a choice between them,
      and then go for what they see as best. So having to choose and judge is
      not a choice; it simply has to be done; or nothing ever gets done. If
      you hit upon something which could prevent all cancers then would you
      not go for it and insist that it must be done? Of course you would. And
      eventually it would be done, even if long after you had gone from here.

      But in order that any and all of those little inspirational moments and
      visionary insights can happen, then one has to be alone and quiet; well,
      invariably so anyway. For with too much noise and hassle around then one
      would never notice them trying to creep into the conscious mind. So,
      the next time you take a few moments off from the busy day, sitting in
      park, or whatever, then don't do it just for yourself, do it for
      humanity, for you never know when one of those inspirational and
      visionary moments is going to creep in. And they truly do. Civilisation
      can vouchsafe that fact. Otherwise we would still be in dark damp

      From the viewpoint of the physical eyes something mysteriously arises
      from the mud and eventual flies like a phoenix to the skies. Life.
      But that is only the viewpoint from the physical eyes, and there is far
      more to it than merely that. It does not happen perchance, nor does it
      come from nothing. Nothing comes from nothing and nothing returns to
      nothing. And there is no such thing as nothing. But make good use of
      what there is to be made use of.


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