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Core Understanding

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Core Understanding What is it that Understands? And what is it which that bit which understands, understands? Finding that bit is what makes somebody a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2010
      Core Understanding

      What is it that Understands? And what is it which that bit which
      understands, understands? Finding that bit is what makes somebody a
      mystic. But do not confuse a mystic with those things invented by
      priestcraft, for they are not mystics; they are shams. But until you
      find it to be true then you only have my word for that, and do with
      what you will in the meantime.

      However, how much of this thing here which I call `me', the
      human being, is a machine and how much of it is me, the LIFE bit which
      understands? If I had to take a guess at that then I would guess that
      99.9 percent of the `me' here is a machine (including he
      sub-conscious mind) and the 0.1 percent of it is the ME which
      understands and knows and feels; the bit that is ALIVE; the LIFE FORCE.
      It is not the done thing to say that the `me' here is mostly a
      machine is it; but it plainly IS. Moreover, it is the most complex
      machine in the whole of known existence.

      It is all too easy to call something a machine if we make it, and then
      call it something else if we don't make it. But it is ALL
      technology whichever way you look at it. So what difference does it make
      if it is an electro-mechanical machine or a biological machine? They
      are both machines. Contrivances, constructed gadgets. My body and brain
      is a space-time machine; a gadget for getting about in space and time.
      But what is it that says MY brain and body? If there were no ME then
      there would be no ownership, and the body and brain would not belong to
      anything. But whilst I am here it belongs to me, and I am very attached
      to it at the moment. It is very useful. But not always.

      Moreover, I do not assert this by way of deduction, reasoning, belief,
      hypotheses, theorising or guesswork, I say it from having found that
      CORE UNDERSTANDING and the bit which KNOWS, and where it comes from and
      hangs out. Have you? Oh well, never mind, hang in there and keep

      Imagine a futuristic scenario (the stuff of science fiction) when we
      could make a machine in a factory which looked just like a human being.
      Imagine that we could program into it such things that would make its
      reactions and responses such that a human being would not initially
      take it to be anything other than a real human being. So it would
      breath, have soft skin and hard bones; it would laugh and cry, and all
      the rest of it. It would also have components which gave it perfect
      memory of everything which it ever did and everything which it ever
      encounter. Thus, in a way, far more effective at that than we are.
      Imagine also that we could churn out one of these every hour for one
      pound or dollar a time. They would not have to eat or drink because
      they were not biological machines. They would just have to plug
      themselves in to the national grid network once or twice a week for
      energy. Moreover, they would last a lot longer than a human body would
      here. And the whole point of doing this would be to get them to do all
      the work for us. Slaves. But they could only ever do that which they
      were programmed to do and no more. So, no problem.

      However, there then arises the question, because they looked like us,
      as to if there were some CORE thing in there which was its own BEING
      and had an understand of its own existence. No matter what you asked
      them they would say yes if they were programmed to say yes and they
      would say no if they were programmed to say no to that question. They
      might even be programmed to say `I love you'. But would they
      love you?

      Indeed, even a real human being might say that. But do they? And does
      it really matter whether they really do or they really don't? A
      human being could say that for selfish reasons. Could a machine do
      that? You and I (real human beings with LIFE in them, which they in
      fact ARE) have no more idea as to if another person loves you than we
      could have of knowing if a machine did. Saying it does not make it so;
      neither does it make it known to the hearer of it as to whether it is
      so or not. But ONLY by their consistent actions over a long period of
      time and experience can one get some real inkling of as to whether they
      do or they don't. However, and irrespective of all that; and which
      does not really matter anyway, the thing is that the live human being
      knows what he or she loves, and does not like one jot. And acts
      accordingly from that emotional base.

      Is the human being programmed to know and feel all this? Yes, in a way
      we are programmed to be like this and with these potentials. So what
      wrote the program? Trial and error throughout billions of years. To
      find out what works here. And it is not done and finished yet. However,
      that 0.1 percent of a human being, the bit that is alive, the living
      observer, and knower, and feeler, is not programmed by anything at all;
      for that bit is LIFE itself. And nothing made it, or programmed it. It
      IS what it IS, and it never changes or evolves. The machine evolves.

      And as I have said before (so have others actually, in their own ways
      of saying it) you can ONLY know what that bit IS and where it IS and
      where it begins, when the machine is stripped away. The process is
      called Purgation – or crossing the River Styx to the far shore of
      BEING. ONLY then can you know what you are. But there you will NOT
      learn WHY you are. You have to learn that bit HERE. And then it is all
      joined up in understanding. And the Core Knowing is fulfilled in time
      and space, and in so doing the Core Being also fulfils time and space.
      It is a reciprocity.

      Scientists have a lot to learn as yet. Religionists have not even
      started to learn yet.

      As from today, now, any communication will only be done via the
      Psychognosis Archive Group. NOT that I am expecting any. I refuse to
      play in their playground of beliefs any longer. Enough time there was
      more than enough time there. I am and always was concerned with what
      Man can KNOW, not what they choose to believe in a world of fear and
      pretence. THAT is not the Dignity of Man. That is a shadow status of


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