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What does the word Wisdom mean?

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    What does the word Wisdom mean? Funny isn t it. One would assume that people find something and then give it name, for the purpose of communication
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      What does the word Wisdom mean?

      Funny isn't it. One would assume that people find something and
      then give it name, for the purpose of communication obviously, for
      things don't come with names attached. Also interesting to see
      (once again, and as with so many other words) that so many folks ask
      What is Wisdom, and how can I get it; but without asking the question
      as to what the word is supposed to be pointing to; and as to who found
      this thing which the word is pointing to, and where it is at; where it
      is found.

      However, because so many people ask the question as to what is Wisdom
      then of course so many will offer them an answer, and whilst all giving
      different answers, like the old god word isn't it :- )
      `Wisdom' seems to be like `enlightenment' or
      `religion', that is to say anything that anybody wants it to be.
      Words are wonderful things, until they become ill used for fraudulent

      In my left pocket I have a photograph of an Oak Tree. In my right
      pocket I have a photograph of snow peaked mountain. Do those words
      cause any problems of misunderstanding and or dichotomy in the hearer
      or reader of them? I doubt it very much; leastwise they should not do.

      However, there are so many thing which we cannot take photographs of or
      never even see them. But, no matter what we find, discover, then we can
      always put a word to it, give it a name, for purposes of communication.
      One hardly needs to give an example such as you cannot take a
      photograph of the aroma of burning wood nor can you see it. But we can
      easily give it a name, a word. PONG will do, or the sense of smell. And
      with any particular smell we can sometimes give a likeness of the smell
      as being a bit like some other smell which the listener might know for
      themselves. So, no problems so far. A glass of whisky does not smell
      like fresh paint.

      Thus, it behoves EVERYBODY to give a name to whatever it is they find
      and then describe it in fine grain detail so that others can here about
      it and possibly check it out for themselves, if they are interested in
      so doing. So, still no problems so far.

      The problem comes, however, in two ways. One way is to invent a word
      for something which does not exist, and then telling folks that it does
      exist and that they ought to find it. Then the gormless sods will spend
      a lifetime looking for something that does not exist. But it will sure
      keep the gits quiet and busy looking for it :- ) The other problem
      arises when somebody truly does find something, and yet does not
      explain it.

      This is WHY it is so imperative that when somebody makes a claim then
      you should quiz them and DEMAND that they tell you all about it, and
      describe it, and mention all the other things associated with it, and
      also ask them WHERE it is found. IF YOU don't do that (quizzing
      them) then you have either fallen for the hype or you may be missing
      something that IS worth hearing about and finding for yourself. There
      is NOTHING which exists to be found that cannot be spoken about in ways
      which give meaningful description to it. IF they will not do that then
      they are a FRAUD, a trickster, a con artist. And there are many of them
      around, and they work on exploiting human need for understanding.

      IF YOU find something, discover something, then give it a NAME and tell
      them all about it; and make your meaning CLEAR. You can very soon sort
      out the genuine from the crap artists. IT IS EASY.



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