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Mindful of the Moment

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    Mindful of the Moment The old saying TO GRAB THE MOMENT, and which is one I often use myself and advocate, simply means grab the moment in full awareness of it
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2010
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      Mindful of the Moment

      The old saying TO GRAB THE MOMENT, and which is one I often use myself
      and advocate, simply means grab the moment in full awareness of it and
      feel it all to the depths of your being; digest the experience whilst
      living it. It does not mean grab a hold of that moment and that event
      and don't let it go; for you cannot do that. Every moment in time
      passes, it comes and goes; and you cannot get it back or live it again.
      There is was for a while, and now it goes, just a memory now.

      I doubt if anybody minds the passing of bad times, or even the dead
      boring times, and we each get a few of them along our path of life here.
      But it is invariably those little special exhilarating moments, maybe
      big things, maybe little things, that one often feels that this was
      so good, so special, that it would be nice to cling to it and let it
      never end, kind of feeling. It is natural enough – a desire for the

      But what when that moment has long gone, but still remembered? And
      because of the quality then often remembered. Well, there can plainly
      be two extreme responses to that, to that feeling, and the passing of
      that event in time. One of them can perhaps be best called melancholy;
      depressed at the loss, down in the dumps, fed up. A memory with a
      feeling of loss attached to it. The other reaction, well, not sure if
      there is a name for it actually, but it is just a joy, a happiness, a
      jubilation, that such an event ever came along to enjoy and learn from,
      and to have been there living it. So, a memory with a joy attached to

      But the more you lived that moment at the time, by grabbing the moment
      in full awareness of it, then the better the memory is write. And of
      course. One can live that memory any time, and each time it is the same
      and produces the same effect and the same joy and the same happiness;
      and that of course always changes ones mood for the better, any time;
      anywhere. Even in the deepest darkest dungeons of ones mind.

      So what is that brings YOU the greatest joy in life? Or even any of the
      little joys? Well, only you can know that. But dwell on it
      occasionally, give it thought, and ask yourself as to what was so
      special about it. Contemplate upon it. Ask yourself as to what that
      essential quality was and where did it come from and how did it get in
      there. But don't think of it as a loss, such as in melancholia,
      but rather as a gain, in joy; for having had it. It was yours, and you
      had it and lived it. That is undeniable too isn't it.

      Now, a very odd thing occurs here, and maybe you have noticed it too.
      Let us take any common event as an example, maybe a kiss in the
      moonlight, one of those one in ten billion kisses which shook the earth
      and remains for ever remembered. Now, the thing is that if you were
      THINKING about it at the time, then you missed it. That is odd
      isn't it, but it is true. Thinking about it at the time of its
      happening detracts from the quality of the experience, for you miss it.
      And consequently it does not get writ proper. You see, it is not the
      event itself which needs to get writ but the quality and essence of it.
      This is what I mean by grabbing the moment (each moment good or bad)
      and EATING IT; digesting it. The fullness of it and its effect on you.

      Now, I am afraid that I will have to talk about a bit that you
      DON'T yet know of. Paradesium is like that. You CANNOT THINK in
      that place. This is how mystics come to learn so much, and they learn
      it here not there, but they learn of it here because of their having
      being there. They copy it. They live it again HERE. All the time.

      Now, of course there is a season for all things, and there sure are many
      times when we have to think here; and hard and deep. But, when it is not
      necessary then grab the moment, for it will NEVER come back again.
      DON'T sit thinking about the moment, no matter whether you are
      painting a wall or smelling a rose, or walking over the hills, but just
      be there and LIVE it. THAT is how we grow – NOT by thinking all the
      time; but by just BEING there and living it and feeling it. That is how
      you get full up and not remain empty. So feel it all; the good, the bad
      and the ugly. THAT is how you grow and grow in awareness and
      sensitivity. THAT is the becoming process of man incarnate. And that is
      the only way Homo Ensophicus can get here, by walking out of you. YOU
      have to liberate him.

      Just as a side note, some of the best moves I ever found in chess came
      when I was not thinking, and so did the fun and the joy. You find it in
      all things. Even a good screw in the sunset. And as I have told you
      before, when you start thinking then paradise ends. It is true, but it
      is not a bad thing, it is a good thing that we get slung out of there.
      Something, I know not what, seems to be working from the end backwards
      in time, in some kind of triangular feed-back loop process which
      already knows what is needed. So, that is clever. Things ain't
      always what they seem you know, and you sure cannot see it all; and you
      will never find the best bits by just thinking about them. Find them
      first and THEN think about them. That is what mystics do. But they
      don't only think about them, the feel it all again and again; and
      that works wonders. That is pragmatism buddy. But you don't have
      to learn to live from a book, for life just teaches us these things, IF
      you go around with your eyes open and your sensitivities on the look
      out and all honed up ready for the day at hand. Eager to go. Are YOU
      eager to learn? Really and truly? Ask yourself; and be honest.

      When I was at HOME I was filled up to the brim with something very very
      special. And when I left HOME I found a world that needed that stuff.
      What a bloody coincidence eh. How about you? What did you bring out
      here with you? And what did you do with it? Sort yourself out. ONLY
      you can do it. I cannot do it for you.


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