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Re: [existlist] The Age of Passionless Reason

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    Dick, Very good and thought provoking. Peace, Tom ... From: dick.richardson@rocketmail.com To: existlist@yahoogroups.com Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2010 4:41
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      Very good and thought provoking.

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      Subject: [existlist] The Age of Passionless Reason

      The Age of Passionless Reason

      and the will to

      Destroy Individualism.

      Let me first make it clear that this is not a critique of reason and
      intelligence, far from it. But it is a critique of the modern trend to
      isolate reason from the other faculties and powers of Man which
      comprise the totality of our being, and resulting in a reduction of Man
      to that of a numbers machine. The effect of which is to actually reduce
      the power of reason as opposed to enhancing it; thus resulting in the
      analogy of a rudderless ship tossed hither and thither on an ocean of
      chaos. The truth of this claim is plain for anybody to see, even with
      just a cursory glance at modern society. And albeit that I have given
      it far more than a mere cursory glance; and for many years. A lifetime
      in fact.

      As a child I made the analogy of two horses pulling our chariot of
      selfhood through life here. One being the horse of Passion, or Emotion;
      and the other being the horse of Reason, or Intellect. And likewise
      whilst making the analogy that both horses have to be fed and nurtured
      equally, in order that one does not result in being stronger than the
      other and thus pulling the cart in a circle instead of a straight line
      through life here. One need not wrap this up in many words which would
      simply tend to confuse the simple issue of what it is. Suffice then to
      say, quite bluntly, that to starve the faculty of reason results in an
      individual of an emotional baggage of no known direction or purpose, an
      emotional shipwreck. Whereas to starve the emotional man whilst
      feeding and glorifying the isolated faculty of reason results in a
      machine like intelligence. And both of which are fit only for the bone
      yard of extinction. Neither the individual or society are built on bone
      yards. What is a society devoid of the sum of the individuals; and what
      is an individual devoid of the potentials offered by the benefits and
      products of society. In a word, nothing. Or nothing of any
      consequence here.

      No child has to be told of these two major faculties inherent in Man,
      for we are made of them and it is self evident to everybody, axiomatic
      and irrefutable. But simply affirming that they are both there is not
      enough. They are there to be used. Moreover, in order to be used well
      they have to honed up, nurtured, encouraged and explored. We are also
      born with legs and arms, and muscles, but being born with them isn't
      enough, they have to be used and developed, and made strong. And as to
      what happens if they are not used and developed should be plain enough
      for all to see. In a word, stagnation. And such faculties and
      potentials will then simply lay dormant, unused, and perhaps eventually
      even becoming unrecognised as even being there.

      This is not an inner conflict within the individual between Reason and
      Emotion, and with one trying to outdo the other, it is a sociological
      problem; hence inflicted on to the individual from the outside, and
      made to look like societies expectations of the individual. Otherwise
      known as nurture driven by this or that ideology.

      Here, the word Ideology must not be confused with the word and meaning
      of an Ideal. For in effect they are complete opposites. An Ideal being
      that of a dream, an aspiration, a goal for the betterment and
      improvement of something, even ourselves here. But no person could have
      an Ideal, and chase after it, without it being powered by a great
      passion and guided by intelligence and reason along its path of
      unfolding. An Ideology on the other hand necessitates the total lack of
      either of these things, and deems that one should simply follow a
      dictate blindly, like a robot, without feeling and passion, and without
      reason and thought.

      But who is the `they' who has the will, the power, and the
      motivation, to destroy individualism? Who are THEY? They are the
      would be controllers of society. Throughout all history it is plainly
      seen. But never as plain and obvious as when one is living it in there
      here and now. Moreover, the past cannot be effected or modulated; it
      cannot be undone. But the moving figure having writ moves on, and only
      in the now can things be changed. We cannot change things yesterday or
      tomorrow, for we do not exist in yesterday or tomorrow, we exist in the
      day at hand, and it is there, and only there, that work can be done and
      has to be done. NOW. We may, and indeed should, give thought and
      remembrance to the past, and learn its lessons well; and we may and
      indeed should, think of tomorrow and plan for it, but we can never live
      in either of them, we can only ever live in the NOW, and act therein.
      Things can and do change, but nothing which is ever done can be undone.
      For that would necessitate going back into the past and not doing it.
      And that cannot be done. So everything done stays for ever done on the
      records of past events and thus writ like stone on the sands of time.
      But the past is not for weeping over.

      All that you and I can ever glean about the past is from that which is
      written about it, and from many sources and pens; other than that which
      we can each remember throughout our own lives. But what we lived
      through we know, but the rest is hearsay. And as for tomorrow then it
      is not writ at all, so we can know nothing about it at all; not until
      tomorrow becomes today; and then we will know. And so it goes from one
      day to the next. However, it is most unlikely that everything which
      was ever written about the past is wrong. Also is it obvious by reading
      it that everything written about the past was not right. And here one is
      dealing with both genuine mistakes and outright lies for vested
      interests and social brainwashing.

      You have probably noticed that people who write about other people do so
      invariably because they have nothing to say for themselves. Or at least
      they don't have the courage to say it for themselves; and perhaps
      use others as their own mouthpiece as in a charade of evasion and
      pretence. The power of the word to manipulate the minds of others in a
      negative form of education.

      Any and every young teacher, even in primary schools, uses mind
      manipulation, for that is what education is - implanting seeds into
      young minds. But in most cases it is done for the best of intentions,
      and no matter whether they are getting it right or wrong; the intention
      was invariably good and done for the best as they see it. But over and
      above this kind of education other things go on, and on a far bigger
      scale, and they always have. This is education, nurture, brainwashing,
      by other means. And these are the `THEY' to whom I refer. You
      know them. And modern technology is grist to their mill and a wonderful
      tool for their purpose.

      At any time in history or today the owners of the media are the moguls
      of ideology and brainwashing. It does not of course have to be this
      way, but at the moment it is this way. Neither is it a case of just the
      suppression of data or knowledge and information but it is also the
      super impression of false information, false data, false knowledge; and
      done for the vested reason of wealth then power; and thus control. To
      rule over the mob. And how better to do that than by the suppression of
      both Reason and Passion in the people. Put them to sleep and let the
      drones work for us! It is nothing new. But the means for achieving it
      today are far better and far more subtle and far more widespread and
      far more effective than ancient churchianityism ever was. But it still
      works on the same principle. Thou will be deceived!

      I do not wish to keep reiterating that which I have already said years
      ago in the books and the novel, and all the articles, for it seems
      pointless when one does not own the media to get the message out there,
      and thus it is all lost in the white noise of societies mass media.
      But, to just briefly say again that there is a fool-proof method of
      proving not only what is wrong about all this modern day ideology and
      it teachings which alienate people from people, people from life, and
      people from themselves; but at the same time proving what is right
      about the nature of MAN; And that foolproof method is for each person
      to study themselves; and to do it with both a passion and intellect. And
      when so done then they will be amazed at what they find, for they will
      find that they, and the individual being, is central to and necessary
      to, all things extant. They will find that they are not alienated from
      the all, but rather a significant part of it all. This IS a message
      which is needed today, for tomorrow; and will be needed for all time to

      Dick Richardson

      http://www.psychognosis.net/ <http://www.psychognosis.net/>



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