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Going Down the Plug Hole and or the Big Sleep

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    Going Down the Plug Hole and or the Big Sleep For those of you who do not know that of which I speak then for this you are just going to have to use your
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      Going Down the Plug Hole and or the Big Sleep

      For those of you who do not know that of which I speak then for this
      you are just going to have to use your imagination for now, and as best
      as you can. But I would recommend that you listen and then try
      visualising it. Just close your eyes, lay back in peace and quiet, and
      try to put yourself there simply by way of imagination and inner
      visualisation. Not asking much of you is it. Try it for half an hour at
      least. It is not going to do you any harm is it. And good luck.

      So, begin by imagining this. Suddenly you find that the outer world has
      GONE. It just ain't there any more. (It is really but it is just
      YOU that has gone; so the effect is the same). So, for YOU the world
      and all the things which you knew just ain't there any more. THAT
      is the first part of the being zapped process. However, you are still
      extant for you are experiencing this. Plus you have all your memories
      still intact and you can still think and wonder. You know bloody well
      that you are not dead or sleeping, for there you are going through all
      this. The major initial thought is `What in tarnation is going
      on'! Truly it is. Well, what is going on is that YOU are on a
      journey, and you are alone. Don't let that scare you, ever. It is
      nothing to be frightened of. I was just a little bit wary because
      nobody had ever told me about this so I knew zilch. But I am telling
      you, so you have pre-knowledge of it, and it may help a bit at that
      time. I doubt if it well help you any today, but that is not the point
      of my mentioning it, the point is for when that time comes. It might
      come today. It might come in seventy years time. But come it will. But
      if you hear it today then you will still remember it in seventy years
      time. When that time comes you WILL remember this.

      So there you are initially in a blackness of `nothing'. It is
      of course not really nothing, it is something, and it is also you there
      experiencing it and living it. Then all of a sudden you may well
      start seeing things. Now, there is no way that I can guarantee what you
      will see for whatever you initially see will be made especially for
      YOU. Not for anybody else. It will be constructed for YOUR
      comprehension and depending where your understanding is then AT. If
      little men in white robes is what helps you to understand and makes you
      feel safe and secure then that might well be what you see initially.
      But there is more to come.

      Now, you may see all kinds of things, and in beautiful vivid colours
      and in binocular 3D vision. You might see a pleasant garden full of
      lovely flowers and birds, and all that kind of stuff. You might see
      misty outlines of other beings. You might even feel that you are being
      questioned by them. And if so then what are your going to answer to the
      questions which pop up. You cannot talk to them so all the answers are
      going to have to be in your and your thoughts. So, be ready for that

      You may or may not have flashes of aspects of your past life. If so
      note how you really feel about them. How did you react to this or that
      event, person, or whatever. You cannot fool yourself there in that
      condition and that place. So don't even try. For the longer that you
      do that then the longer you will be stuck there. It is not the best
      place to be stuck in. It is called LIMBO. But all the time this is
      going on then you know full well that you still exist. You will not be
      able to argue with that fact.

      At this point let us take a little side turning and then come back to
      where we were. Supposing the world disappeared and there was nothing,
      not even a you there to know it? Then you would not be there to worry
      about it would you, for you are already dead. Switched off. GONE. But
      just keep in mind that that which is switch off CAN be switched on
      again at some other point. Will it be however? However; let us get
      back to where we were, in LIMBO.

      So, after all this rigmarole of various visions and self assessment
      along this journey is over there comes a gradually a process of losing
      all your bits. All the things that are attached to your essential
      being. A point will come when you experience yourself in orbit of
      something, but a diminishing orbit. Like orbiting a HOLE. You will
      get closer and closer to this HOLE and seemingly going faster and
      faster toward it. And then you split into TWO bits and go into that
      HOLE TWICE. Well, it will seem that you will go into it twice, but it
      is perspective each from the two bits. So don't worry about that,
      it is no big deal.

      However, in that field of the two bits one part will be taken and
      another will remain. That it to say that you will remain for a while,
      not a very long while. And then even that bit will go. And when that
      goes then you AIN'T no more; GONE; zapped; switched off; Dead; IS
      no more; Am no more. But don't worry about it, for it is no big

      Then you will suddenly come back again. But not here and not in Limbo.
      Where then? Well, you will see. BUT, you cannot stay in that place, no
      matter how happy you are there, you cannot stay there. It is not an
      option and there is no point staying there anyway. So, you come out of
      that place and go somewhere else.

      Let us now go back to the other scenario where the world has
      disappeared and so have you. You are GONE; switched off; is no more; am
      no more; DEAD. The next thing you know is that you are sucking on a
      big tit by something which you will later come to call mummy. And you
      will remember nothing. And then one day as you are growing up you will
      hear stories, and you will wonder, and wonder and wonder.

      Consciousness cannot be destroyed, for it is not a construct of time.
      You (LIFE) cannot be destroyed because YOU (LIFE) is not a construct
      made in TIME. Consciousness can be switched off. You can be switched
      off. But that is not the end of everything. No big deal.

      What is the sum of all this process called? It is called MYSTICISM. It
      is a good word. Give it back its true meaning and its dignity.

      Contemplate occasionally on these things which I have given you. I have
      given them to you FREE, no charge. I want nothing from you. Or simply
      laugh and scoff. It does not mater because your laughing and scoffing
      will achieve nothing. It may only result in your hanging around in
      LIMBO that much longer because there will be more for you to digest and
      get out of your system. DO NOT take REMORSE with you into LIMBO, for
      that could be very nasty indeed. Also, and very important, keep in
      mind that thinking cannot work these things out or reveal the truth of
      it. No amount of what you think is going to alter any of this. Use
      your thinking potential for things where it can have an effect.
      Thinking is good. But it cannot get to all things.

      So, it would pay you, even now, just to contemplate on these things
      occasionally. Say about once a month for the rest of your time here. Do
      it to really good music if that helps. Soft quiet music, for the other
      kind will just jar. And do it while alone with your eyes shut in a nice
      cosy chair. And remember, it is deeply mysterious. That is why it is
      called MYSTICISM you see.

      Never, EVER, tell anybody that all this IS SO, unless you KNOW it IS
      SO. You can tell them that you have heard it and that you believe it or
      don't believe it. That at least is honest. But never say that
      something IS SO or is NOT SO, unless you know that to be the actual
      case. Remember, YOU will be the judge of YOU. Go there with DIGNITY and
      self Integrity. Less washing up to do that way.

      Have a nice trip

      Dick Richardson

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