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My own Understanding so far

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    My own Understanding so far It might not be much, I agree, but it is something. My own understanding of that which I am and that which I am NOT, and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2010
      My own Understanding so far

      It might not be much, I agree, but it is something. My own understanding
      of that which I am and that which I am NOT, and the relationship between
      the two, are based ONLY on my own experiences, I can not experience
      other peoples experiences obviously. Thus, not a jot of it comes from
      any book or any other human being, living or dead. Neither have I ever
      belonged to any religion or belief system, and never would I. Baggage
      is not a good travelling companion or teacher. Life does the teaching,
      and I do the learning. Simple as that.

      When I first wrote of what I had found fifty years ago I did not know it
      then but there was still more to come, so I added that bit in later.
      That last bit twenty years later was about the relationship between
      what I AM and that STUFF which I am NOT. However, when I described all
      that first part of finding the essential SELF quite a number of people
      wrote in saying that they had either found the same themselves of part
      way to it (and they still do fifty years later). So, we are all sharing
      the same reality in which case. But some had found bits of it and some
      had not, leastwise not yet. But their time is not yet up. Therefore
      watch out for what you find. So, what did I (and some of them) find?
      Each must speak for themselves.

      I found that I was constructed of three parts, layers or dimensions. But
      I am only TWO of those three parts – The first part and the third
      part. But the middle part is a BRIDGE connecting the other two parts.
      The two parts of me are the part that exists here in space and time and
      which is the bit that is writing this. Hence the personality and body et
      al. The other bit, the first bit, exists where Time does not move and
      there is no change; and this world is unknown there. It is the part of
      me which never changes or ages or wrinkles up and gets old. I call that
      bit the I AM in Eternity. I described it all in the book fifty years
      ago. The most complex mysterious part of the lot is the BRIDGE that
      connects them. I call it the Subconscious Mind or the Soul. But I am NOT
      that bit. It is the engine room and memory bank of what I am here on
      earth. It constructs me. That is a tiny synopsis anyway. I could go into
      vast and deep detail, but not here. Are you made of something different
      to that of which I am made and a few others whom I have found say they
      are made of too, because they found it too? Are you about believing
      things or finding things? What is there to find? Do you know? I know
      some of it. Not a lot maybe, but enough for today. All one has to do
      then is to use it all.

      But what about that which I am NOT? What is it? I don't know what
      it is. It is a mystery to me. All I know about it is that it is NOT me.
      The NOT ME is the bit without which there would be no point in my
      existing; for I live only for the NOT ME. I don't know what it is
      but I love it. No matter what form it is in, a rose, a river, a stream,
      a mountain, a fair maiden, a sunset, a foggy dew, that transcendent
      paradesium place where I AM exists, it does not matter, for it is all
      NOT ME. I AM an amazing wonder a deep mystery, but nothing to the
      extent that the NOT ME is. That is the wonder of all wonders and it is
      that which makes life worth living and which motivates and inspires one
      to write poems, and simply sigh in wonder and awe. It is a dance and a
      never ending love affair between the I AM and that which I AM NOT.

      There, dammit, I got a brief synopsis of it into a short email length. I
      need a pint of beer and fag now :- ) What have you found which has
      modulated your understanding so far. Perhaps we could share information.

      Dick Richardson

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