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Excitation to the Nth Degree

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Excitation to the Nth Degree I have always told it, it is all about movement and repose, movement and repose, and Excitation take place both in movement and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2010
      Excitation to the Nth Degree

      I have always told it, it is all about movement and repose, movement
      and repose, and Excitation take place both in movement and in repose,
      and in Time and in Eternity. Was I kicked around the Cosmos? Was I
      dragged? Did I go of my own accord? Tell you the truth I don't
      really know and I don't care, for it makes no difference to the
      effect and the living of it.

      But let us forget for now all the mystical and transcendent journey
      bits and stick with daily life. What was the best bit? The highest
      octane bit? It cannot be answered for there was not one, most of it was
      like it. But, keep in mind that Excitation can and does take place in
      the quiet times as well as the busy and exciting times. Flying high in
      a balloon or flying a helicopter, no difference to me than sitting
      around the fire alone on yuletide eve when the kids have gone to bed
      and one contemplates on their excitement for the following day –
      ones cup overflows with joy. How can one tell it.

      But what about the war, all the bombs for six years, the hardship, no
      home for a while, no shoes, hardly any food? It makes no difference,
      for the excitation and joys were still there. Can you imagine how
      wonderful it is when somebody invited you into their house for cup of
      tea and a sandwich? All the front doors were open and we could just
      walk in. Can you imagine how wonderful it is when somebody gives you
      an old pair of shoes? One still woke up of a morning (if still alive)
      and was in awe of the long shadows the early morning sun made across the
      street and the excitement about getting out there and going on more
      adventures. This stuff was not lacking amid the bombs, death,
      depravation, no, it was there then just as it is there now. Never
      confuse the darkness of the outer with the light of the inner.
      Don't let the darkness make you dark. Don't let the world spoil
      your life.

      So, which were the best bits? None of it – all of it. But each
      different in their own way, their own season, their own time. Why
      measure the joys of a child against the joys of a man. It avails one
      nothing to do so. It is the body that ages you know, not me and not
      consciousness, and not the joy of being. These things don't age and
      wrinkle up. One could also rightly say that when young it was also made
      exciting by way of being all new and fresh and the road ahead was open
      to one, and the adventure lay ahead in the unknown. But likewise can one
      say from hindsight that the joy of reflection from hindsight is just as
      good, if not even better, for one went down those open roads, did it,
      it happened, one was there, tis done, not in the unknown of the future,
      one KNOWS it, one has gnosis of it all because one was there.

      Mystics are hypersensitive gits, young or old, it does not change. And
      it is this hyper sensitivity that permits one to feel such heights and
      depths and this lets it all in to one and allows that excitation to be.
      Not only does it revel the deeper senses but it also hones and sharpens
      up the five external senses so that one sees more, hears more, smells
      more, tastes more. This is the liberation of the five external senses,
      and they are latent in everybody. You just have to use them, that is
      all. It all comes with package of our incarnate being. Why look a gift
      horse in the mouth. Grab what life gives you and use it.

      What bits would one like to go back and live through again? None of
      it, for it would be no better the second time around than it was the
      first. But you can live through it all again by just remembering it.
      Any time you want to. And when you do then you smile, and think, that
      was good. But it is all learning for the digesting of. We live and
      learn. Life incarnate is still evolving, changing, becoming the more
      that it can in form in time and space. But our input to it is our
      contribution to it. It does not need just a kiss and smile, it needs
      your backbone, your work, swat tears and pain and all the muscles in
      your body and brain and heart. IT needs YOU. That is the great lesson
      isn't it. IT needs US to dance with IT and push it inward into the
      yet unknown. Don't tell your children that they have been given
      LIFE, tell them that they ARE LIFE, and a great wonder is Man. Know
      your self and then come to learn that which you are NOT. For that which
      you are NOT is what makes Man that which he is and makes it worth

      Have a good and useful life.

      Dick Richardson

      Exmoor West Somerset UK

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