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The Inner Life and Quality

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    The Inner Life and Quality Without a doubt this is the hardest thing to try and write about, for it is all about QUALITY, and how does one quantify that. It is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2010
      The Inner Life and Quality

      Without a doubt this is the hardest thing to try and write about, for it is all about QUALITY, and how does one quantify that. It is about the inner life and how one is feeling and relating to it all. It is about the effect which things have on us on our inside. That is what we live, the inside, that IS our life. I cannot live out there. I cannot even get out there.

      Put any one hundred people in front of Big Ben, or any location on earth, and they all see the same thing (forget the bit about some might be colour blind etc) it is the same reality for all of us. But what effect does it have on you? That is the whole hub and crux of it. It is not the thing, it is the effect. I often tell people that those profound mystical encounters have not changed me (they taught me more) but they have not really changed me, for I have always been the same. The effect of experiencing things in daily life is the same today as it was when I was born here, or as early as I can remember anyway – two years of age. This is ones EXISTENTIAL life. It IS the relationship between the observer and the observed. It is what it does to us on the inside and how it makes us FEEL. We have to FEEL it all. It IS a dance, it is a love affair. It is a kiss. It is a union.

      One can count trees, one can measure distances and time, one can weigh potatoes, but how do we measure, count, weigh, QUALITY? ! It cant be done. There is a scale for earth tremors. There is no scale for quality, love, beauty, dancing with the all, and the FEELING it. You cannot teach this, you cannot give it away; but there IT IS. What does science tell you about this? What does psychology tell you about this? What do religions tell you about this? NOTHING! What does believing anything have to do with it? NOTHING ! What does yakety-yak have to do with it? NOTHING.

      I tell folks, quite honestly, as it happened, that it was the QUALITY, this dancing with life, which CAUSED those mystical and transcendent experiences. But they want measurement, how to's, a system. There is no system. It is simply like attracting like. It is the STUFF causing the STUFF. I cannot for the life of me see why they cannot see it. But they are looking at books, looking at history, looking at icons, looking at other people. They are looking at the WRONG stuff. They ought to be looking at the stuff out there and the stuff in here; and being WITH IT.

      Go out in the dinner hour and sit on a bench in the park. Do you see what I see? Do you FEEL what I FEEL ? You cannot give it away, and even though words can describe many things and tell many stories the cannot tell of QUALITY. Quality is sacrosanct, personal, private and secret; axiomatic yet incommunicable, unutterable.

      So, when you are telling a story about something, and which is easy enough, you still cannot give away the Quality which was enshrined in it at the time. I mentioned in the chapter on Essences, that this QUALITY is always there, even in the memory of this or that event. In fact the quality is just as good, if not even better, in the memory than in the event at the time. Why? Easy. Because at the time other things can distract from the moment and the thing, perhaps like a car horn sounding, but in memory they cannot. Nothing distracts from the quality in memory.

      So, you see, it is not just what we see, like Big Ben or the mists which garland the feet of Dunkery at dawn, but rather as to how all this STUFF takes one, grabs one by the balls and the very fibre of our being and tosses us around in a dance and swoon of inner excitement, and love. Who needs paradise – for it is also in a rose, a kiss, a foggy damp day on the moors. It is rain dropping in a puddle, the silent kiss of snow falling upon snow on a silent night. It is the sun reflecting on the wings of a skylark. It is a moon beam dancing in her hair. It is LIFE. It is EVERYWHERE and everything. It is BEING. Do you see what I mean ? Do you see what I see? Do you feel what I feel ? It is good. But how do you tell it. It cant be done. I think the modern world calls it fantasising. Huh ! Maybe they are jealous :- ))) But, you know, all this if FREE. All you have to do is to be there. And we are there. What more can one say.

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