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Another Memoir

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    Another Memoir The days of home made beer communists backgammon divorce and teenage queenies. Some title eh :- ) Tis all true though. It covers about a two
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      Another Memoir

      The days of home made beer communists backgammon divorce and teenage

      Some title eh :- ) Tis all true though. It covers about a two year
      period, way back when.

      For academic purposes only I had joined the British Communist Party,
      just to see what these people were really like and what they were all
      about. As I have mentioned before they were a great bunch, mostly
      professionals etc, and they knew damn well that socialism would never
      take in this country, so it was just a pipe dream and they all knew it.
      We used to meet up in various pubs and in each others home. One of the
      other young ones there (most were well into middle age) was the husband
      of my future wife whom I had not yet met :- ) It was at the time when
      I had decided to go, leave home, get a divorce, and set up a place of
      my own, for the two kids were now old enough and I had had enough of it
      for eighteen years.

      But one night, in the wee small hours, whilst driving some geezers taxi
      for him I picked up this young woman, with two blokes, and I thought
      WOW and it was a POW! :- ) She told me that she was coming to my
      Driving School. Fair enough most people around there did. And you know,
      one thing leads to another and bobs your flipping uncle :- ) She was
      after a divorce too, and only nineteen. Wow! But her husband whom I had
      met at the Communist Part meets took a bit of dim view of it when I
      told him I was going off with his wife. But all three of us used to go
      out for a meal and a drink in the evenings together, and play pool and
      snooker et all. I quite liked him, although he was not very nice to her
      and a bit of a druggie.

      Anyway, we did our thing and went off to live together in a basement
      flat which she called the Hobbit Hole. It was a bit of a hole as well,
      and as damp as damp could bloody get. But we had a fantastic kitchen
      and living room. All we had was cushions which she had made and a new
      Hi-Fi system which I had brought ad hoc (still got it and it's
      working fine). Both my kids used to comes around and the oldest one
      came to live there with us. Also my best friend was always there. All
      the driving instructors and local nurses used to come around for a meal
      and drinks, and also all the local communists and many chess players
      from the area :- ) It was hilarious. Then of course my daughter then
      pushing seventeen met this young guy and he and his brothers and mates
      came too. Talk about a quiet little elopement :- )

      This bloody pop music used to blare out from these kids there all day
      and most of the night on my hi-fi system, Gawd it was noisy :- ) We
      also had thirteen cats there. This was all a bit of a shock to me
      really because I had been living a very normal and respectable life :-
      ) But I did not mind, it was fun and something different. One day this
      kid asked me if he could marry my daughter and I said no not bloody
      likely for you are both too young. But they did, and they both came to
      live with us :- ) They are still married and with two grown up kids :-
      ) I also became an advisor to a pop group with a female singer who were
      all tied in with this crowd. That was fun, and they were quite good
      too. But the best of the lot was when we were alone. But I ain't
      going to tell you about that. Leave it to your imagination. When our
      first two kids were old enough to come to a weeding (about five and
      two) we got married. We did not tell anybody. Didn't intend to get
      married but we thought it best for the kids. No, mystics do not sit
      around in white robes contemplating on their belly button. They grab
      the day and live it. They were good days too, as were all the rest of
      them each in very different ways. The army was fun too, but that is
      another story, and many years before that one. Personally I think
      mystics are a little bit wicked. Don't you? Write an
      autobiography they say. Cant be done. Too much of it all. And who the
      hell cares anyway. We each have to live our own lives. Enjoy yours
      and grab each moment, and memories are made on it.

      Dick Richardson

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