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Subjective Responsibility

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Subjective Responsibility Yet another thing that few seem to agree upon. Why is that? Something happens, so who or what was/is responsible for it? Joe
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2010
      Subjective Responsibility

      Yet another thing that few seem to agree upon. Why is that? Something
      happens, so who or what was/is responsible for it? Joe Blogs develops
      syphilis at a young age, has a miserable life and dies at forty. Why?
      Put it down to the will of the gods? Well, you can if you want to, but
      not me. How come that he got syphilis? It is not caused by sunshine
      or rain.

      Things happen which are plainly the result of objective responsibility.
      By this I mean not you. It might be the result of the actions of no
      living entity, the wind, the rain, an earthquake, whatever, or it might
      have been due to him or her or some other living critter, all of which
      I am classifying here as objective responsibility, that is to say not
      you. Then there is the result of our own actions; subjective
      responsibility. Annie Blogs is born with no legs. Hardly her fault or
      doing was it. Olive Blogs was born with severe learning difficulty, one
      can hardly make her responsible for that can one. So on and so forth.

      But most people seem to be put together within a range which we call
      `normal' and all the bits seem to be working well enough and fit
      for purpose. The body gets them around fine, they can think, feel,
      observe, and take part in `normal' life. But nonetheless stuff
      is going to happen to them which is none of their doing at all; and too
      much to warrant mentioning and giving examples of which.

      Then, as opposed to this, there are the repercussions of their own
      chosen actions. The result of such actions may only apply to them or
      they might also apply to other people and or the world itself. Thus,
      from another persons perspective the action is due to objective
      responsibility – you not them. The whole shebang set up is a vast
      web of causes and effects. Nothing comes from nothing, and nothing does
      not cause something. There is no such thing, phenomenon, as nothing.
      Nothing does not exist. So, what causes this and that to happen?

      There are very few things that you and I can do which are not going to
      cause effects. Cyril Blogs falls off a ladder. There was nothing wrong
      with the ladder and Cyril did not decide to fall off the ladder, he was
      just careless, slipped and fell. His good lady wife got him tucked up
      in bed and went to the drug store to pick up some bandages etc. On the
      way there a drunk driver drove up on the pavement knocked her down and
      killed her. Can it be said that she died because he was careless on
      the ladder? Had he not fallen then she would not have been in the path
      of a drunk driver right at the moment. But it was the car that knocked
      her down that was the cause of her death. But cars do not go for a ride
      on their own, and somebody was driving it – or rather not driving
      it properly and with due care and attention. Had it not been a drunk
      driver but rather somebody had had a heart attack whilst driving then
      the effect would be the same but the cause would be different. And so
      it goes. What an intricate web it all is. Believe it or not there are
      some folks who say that somebody is doing all this, and pulling all the
      strings of everything that ever happens and comes to be. What a lovely

      However, and despite all this, and which is real enough, one also has to
      add to the mix that which was caused by you (or me or him or her) due to
      ones own deliberated actions. `I am going to do this'! And one
      does it. Doing that thing cannot NOT cause effects can it. It has to
      cause effects because that is how the web of reality works. It is all
      tied together with little strings :- ) So to speak. A causal web. Some
      like to say that there is no such thing as the freedom to choose to do
      this or that. And there is not a really a thing there deciding to do
      it. So, that lets them off the hook of any responsibility and the
      whole shebang lot of it is an irrelevant farce. And they chose to say
      it :- ))) I wonder why they eat and do anything. Where are you going on
      your day off work? And why there? And what are you going to do there?
      And why? Is all a case of `I want I want I want'; or is it a
      case of `this looks like it might be the best thing to do'?

      How many folks give thought to their actions before doing them? Only
      they can know that. Does that thinking take into account all the
      possible ramifications of what might happen due to that action? We
      cannot know for sure as to what will happen due to the web of
      possibilities, but we can contemplate the reactions and possible effects
      as best as we can each manage to do so before taking that action. What
      is it that finally makes one decide on this or that action? What is
      the arbiter of judgement prior to the act being performed? To what
      degree is reason and or emotion the fulcrum on the scales of judgement?
      Study yourself. It is the closet thing at hand to study. Then, when
      done, work outwards. Or is it too much trouble?

      Dick Richardson

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