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It is the old story isn’t it

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    It is the old story isn t it And Dealing with Pain. [ I just shut down early last night, to learn this lesson I needed. Spent time with my love, I can t
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2010
      It is the old story isn't it

      And Dealing with Pain.

      [ I just shut down early last night, to learn this lesson I needed.
      Spent time with my love, I can't discribe the beauty of Jenny & Joshua
      my two still at home, and my six dogs, nine cat, twelve chicken, and
      Suzana my cow. When you feel the idea of not coming home to them any
      more, you see the volume of your love is endless. There are those that
      show us the joy of life no matter what, the dizzy blond is one. But
      for those of us that are still caught up in analyzing life, we don't
      feel the magnitude until it's gone. So the lesson I'm seeing is, that I
      can choose to realize the magnatude of joy is even greater and I've
      been missing that. This is a lesson in appreciating others, all of
      them. ]

      They don't realise what they have got until they have lost it in so
      many cases, if not all. It is not even a case of how much or how little
      ones has got, even if it only amounted to the freedom to walk in the
      park and feed the birds. This is why such things as NDE's, for
      example, have such an effect on people, because they thought their time
      was up and that was it, and all the things that should have been done
      were left undone. That is why they seem to come back from that
      experiences changed and with more zest and spirit of life in them. It
      is not often that it does not work.

      One could tell folks this before such an event, but does saying it
      really make any difference to them. It does not seem to does it. Me
      thinks that the subconscious minds ability to bring forth such symbolic
      archetypal experiences is rather amazing therefore. Life is geared up
      for life isn't it :- ) And what you say about people spending most
      of their life rationalising this and that and getting no place with it
      is the old story, told time and time again. About it and about and for
      ever more, yet coming out just as wise as they were when they went in
      – and with so many assumptions one should also add. There is the
      old saying that it is all done with mirrors, but many seem to think
      that it is all worked out via thinking :- ) Man, are they WRONG.

      At least science thought to look at the outside world for answers, and
      they still do, and that is great. But they forget to look at the inside
      world – the other half of existence. And they also forgot to look
      as to how the inside world relates to the outside world, and the fact
      that the outside world was once seen as a monster, but it comes to be
      seen as a lover and dancing partner. They know and understand very
      little as yet. But we are not all at the same place at the same time.
      Can you teach your dog to play chess? It seems not.

      The ability to think is a wonderful thing, just as having two feet is a
      wonderful thing. But ones feet do not provide the answeres to life's
      questions, neither does the tool of thinking. One would have assumed
      that they would have worked that out by now, but no; they have not. But
      even their thinking seems to be so bottled up that they have not
      thought to think as to what else is there then which can supply answers
      other than thinking. Sad isn't it. Do they really need to be told
      this in this day and age? But they would not listen if you did would
      they. They were not listening before, and they are not listening now.
      Think I will go and get a beer and watch an old movie.


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