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Dealing with Pain.

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    Dealing with Pain. I cannot use the email which instigated this, but over the years I wonder what percentage of the letters and emails which I have received
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      Dealing with Pain.

      I cannot use the email which instigated this, but over the years I
      wonder what percentage of the letters and emails which I have received
      have been about pain and peoples problems. I even get emails about
      their marital problems and their love life. Who would be an agony aunt
      eh. What does a mystic know about pain? I can only speak for myself.

      In the transcendent mode of being there is no pain. End of story. But
      here on earth in daily life how much pain exists in the world? How much
      pain is existing in you right at this moment, and how much throughout
      your lifetime? What scale is there for measuring pain on? Or joy for
      that matter. Although I am horrified and repulsed by it one can see why
      some philosophies want an end to life on earth and an end to
      incarnation – life in a physical form. Why is there such a thing as
      that transcendent mode of being with no pain in it? I don't know
      why, but there is, for it is there, and so was I. Total and utter
      unending joy, and with no possibility of pain in it? Why? Silly
      question isn't it. And I don't know why, but it is so.

      How many kinds of pain are there? I only know of two kinds: Physical
      pain and Emotional pain. What is the highest degree of pain which could
      exist? Imagine the highest degree of physical pain possible combined
      with the highest degree of emotional pain possible and having to live
      with that for one whole day. Although I have never experienced blacking
      out or fainting it seems to be that a certain level of physical pain
      and one passes out. Does that also apply to emotional pain? There are
      of course many suicides. How bad do things have to get? How bad can
      things get?

      As for myself I have known very little physical pain in seventy two
      years. An occasional toothache. An occasional bout of severe
      indigestion once or twice. But all that combined is piffling to what
      physical pain some people go through. Fortunately modern medicine can
      ease quite a bit of physical pain. And bravo to that. But what can cure
      emotional pain? Well, I can guarantee that existing in that timeless
      mode does just that. But we cannot stay there and I would not even want
      to. You cannot `not want to' whilst there. So, one can only say
      that from here and from hindsight of it.

      What idiot would not want to stay there where there is no physical pain,
      no emotional pain, no decisions to have to be made, nothing to do, and
      nothing but everlasting joy, wonder, beauty and love? Yeah, well, I
      spent a bit of time thinking about all that when I was twenty four and
      twenty five. How and why does something so good exist? Well, I am a
      pragmatist, it does exist so that is that. But this world is nothing
      like that is it.

      Last evening I watched a BBC documentary on iPlayer which was about
      Fathers and their children during and after WW2. It was painful just to
      watch it. They did it quite well and tried to cover all known aspects
      of it. What a hell of a time it was. But at that time I only knew it
      from the little boys and teenagers view of it. But fortunately my
      father was not beaten up physically or emotionally by the war and also
      did I have no problems integrating with him being back in the home. He
      was a really nice guy and we got on well, always. But it did seem odd
      having a man there in the house, for I had been the `man' of
      the house, so to speak. But none of these stories told on that program
      were like that. Far from it. One of my best friends was however, for he
      had been in a Jap camp for six years. He had not even been a soldier,
      just a youth straight from his home. It left big scars, physically and
      emotionally. But he coped well with it nonetheless. Human beings should
      also be judged by that endurance.

      If any sod on this world has been lucky then I have. And I know it well
      enough. I have never even had a headache. Never broken a bone in my
      body. Never had any real reason to cry woe is me. What do I put that
      down to? Luck.

      However, if humanity was serious about it (which it ain't) so many
      of these problems and woes need not exist at all. So much can be
      prevented and remedied with regard to physical pain. Even now, let
      alone in the future. This is the beauty of acquiring knowledge and
      understanding is it not. A fiend of my youngest daughters has just
      qualifies as a Vet, and good for her. Kids don't come much brighter
      and nicer than her. She will save a lot of lives and prevent much pain
      and suffering for the next fifty years, one hopes. Same too with
      doctors and nurses. But, emotional pain is not so easy to cure is it.
      Time can be a great healer for many things, but not all things. And
      also time is not a thing which we get much of. Ancients on average it
      seems got about twenty or thirty years, we get on average about sixty
      to eighty years – nearly had mine :- ) In time to come they will
      probably on average get about a hundred years, maybe more. But, as we
      rightly say, it is not the length but rather the quality which counts.
      But what is the criteria of quality and who is the judge of that? We
      must only judge our own must we not. We can only judge our own.

      What is it like being that spider in the toilet? What is it like being
      one of my cats or dogs? What is it like being you? If you could wave a
      magic wand then would you not give every living creature a perfect and
      enjoyable life? Of course you would, and so would I. Judge Man by that
      too. But we don't get it do we, and we cannot do that can we. I am
      a great advocate of incarnate life, I love it. Tis better than that
      transcendent paradise mode of being, even with all the pain here. Am I
      a nut case? I have known pain, and tears, and some worries, albeit
      nothing like as much as some people have, but no amount of physical
      pain and emotional pain will ever change my mind on that.

      That transcendent mode of being is miraculous indeed. But not as much so
      as being here, in the forms, with other beings and a physical lover and
      physical kids. Physical trees, physical rivers and streams, clouds and
      sunsets. THIS IS BEST. I guess that makes me a materialist :- ) So
      be it then. But there is so much to do yet in striving and helping to
      eliminate pain. But we CAN do it, we have what it takes to do it. No,
      we will never make it `perfect' here, for that is impossible.
      But one must always strive for the impossible, for that way it gets a
      little bit better all the time. How far can we go? I don't know,
      I have not got a clue. But we can get it a lot better than it is now.

      What should be our collective goal then? I would say this in answer to
      that question – if we could get it to the stage that human beings
      could live for one hundred years and then at the end of it say
      `Hells Bells, that was good' – then we will have got there.
      Aim for that, and settle for nothing less. The gods may quit, but not
      Man ! Never quit. And then, as I said years ago, if aliens could look
      back at the remains of humanity, then let them say that humanity tried.
      No better epitaph could any being or species ever have. Such can life
      be. Make it so.

      Dick Richardson

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