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Quantum Thought

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    Quantum Thought [ Quantum Thought The Quantum or Gnostic thought for me this now is, life, creation, realities, are fractal. The first of the choices, which is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2010
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      Quantum Thought

      [ Quantum Thought

      The Quantum or Gnostic thought for me this now is, life, creation,
      realities, are fractal. The first of the choices, which is what I now
      say instead of answers, coming from this thought is, it is all the same
      thing repeating, over and over infinitely. I know now that thing is the
      One and that is who I am. So within every portion is the whole, and that
      is the reason for paradox, which then repeats over and over an infinite
      number of ways. So now I'm seeing polarity as being very One sided. The
      positive being singularity(everything in One) and the negative as
      pluralarity (every singularity) and they are both the totality, so no
      sides and both sides.

      The fractal of me is my inside(positive) and my out(negative), or
      inside being the One, outside being a portion thereof, with the paradox
      of outside having the whole within each piece. Now I see this thought as
      the same if I turned it around, or start from the middle. Ah the
      Quantum, To be Gnostic. L, mark ]

      This is exactly where I have always walked alone, no amount of thought
      and deduction about the nature of reality, and our reality, and the
      relationship between the observer and the observed, interests me, nor
      EVER has done, nor ever will do. Thinking and deduction is not knowing.
      Thinking is NOT the avenue to truth. They can think this or that until
      pink elephants fly out of their arse and they will come out just as wise
      as they went in. Like a consortium of blind folks trying to decide what
      a sunset looks like. It cant be done. Even if they did deduce it right
      they would still not know it. Reading a book or thinking about it does
      not reveal what an orgasm is like.

      My own interest as a little boy was (and still is) WHAT am I. And also
      What exists for a human being, the human mind, to become conscious of.
      Thinking does not reveal the answers to these questions. Experiences
      does. Can an academic scientist (or anybody thinking about
      consciousness) tell me as to what exists for consciousness to become
      conscious of by trying to work it out by thinking about it? NO! END OF
      STORY. But let them get on with it. It is like baby telling dad that he
      is not a man.

      Any and every scientist will tell you that a Frog is infinitely more
      complex than an atom or a star or a galaxy. These are simple structures,
      but a Frog is a living entity and it is highly multiply structured and
      deeply complex and intricate. I am at least on a par with a Frog if not
      even more complex. The most incomprehensible thing about a human being
      is that he she can comprehend the deepest nature of their eternal
      primordial state of being, and it is not derived at by thought. It is a
      fact. If they could indeed think straight without getting lost in a fog
      of thoughts they would soon figure out that thinking does not supply
      experiential answers. I figured that out soon enough and young enough,
      and it did not require an education to do it. End of lecture. It is a
      waste of time people like me talking to those who only think. In the
      meantime let them THINK it is funny and laugh their silly little heads
      off. A more advanced state of humanity is on its way. I have no religion
      or belief system; I take what life gives me, use it, and observe what
      life reveals to me. That at least works. How can life feed them if they
      ignore it? They seem to put themselves above life itself. They are
      free to do the same. Or not. Whichever turns them on. The only thing at
      stake here is Humanity and its intelligence and survival here. Not LIFE.

      Dick Richardson.

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