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The Perfect day

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  • richard_pendarvis
    The Perfect day What is the perfect day? Well, whatever fits ones idea of what a perfect day is I guess. How much can be fitted into a day? A lot. A
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2010
      The Perfect day

      What is the perfect day? Well, whatever fits ones idea of what a
      perfect day is I guess. How much can be fitted into a day? A lot. A
      Perfect day –

      To wake up from a good nights sleep feeling good, and feeling excited
      about the day ahead. And then during that day, all of it, stuff happens,
      things happen, and it is all like walking on a dream. Everything goes
      not only right but better than ever could be expected. Not a shadow or
      blemish on it, it all goes too good to be real or ever expected to be.
      Come the night you go to bed worn out and feeling like ten million
      dollars, and before you close your eyes for sleep you think – WOW
      that is all impossible ! But it happened and you lived it. That is a
      perfect day. Can one remember them all? No, because there far too many
      of them, all perfect.

      How many have you had like that? Most of them. Well, more than half the
      days that were anyway. But sure they are not all like that. Some are
      just good bits and not so good bits, some are just downright bloody
      awful. But put it all on the scales of balance and was it worth living
      it all? Oh yes. But those perfect days sure were never expected.
      Maybe expecting them is the thing what makes it not happen. Just roll
      with the day and judge it when it is over. Same as with life. But those
      perfect days can happen anywhere, at any time, young or old, it makes
      no difference. The man that claims to understand life is the man that
      doesn't understand it.

      Funny really isn't it. But is it all really for understanding?
      Isn't living it enough. For understanding it does not make it any
      more real. I have seen a lot, including some things which plainly many
      have not seen yet, and I understand quite a bit of it. But that
      understanding does not add one jot to the quality of a day. They are
      still magic, understand it or not :- ) I did not understand anything as
      a kid, but it was all just as good each day. But learning and
      understanding is inevitable, and there is nothing wrong with that. Just
      the way it is.

      To say that it is just the way it is, is not an answer as to what it
      is, it is just an affirmation. Perhaps one ought to say `that is
      how it was'. But IT does not change, so it is also how it is. It
      always reminds me of the question and search for happiness :- ) All
      the time you are looking for that then it is not accessible. You cannot
      be looking for it and living it at the same time :-) Stop looking for
      it, and you might find that it is already there. The trouble with
      education is that it can do more to fuck people up than to wise them
      up. Glad that I did not have any of that. LIFE and living it will do.
      What does life have to offer? A lot. What do you have to offer it? Not
      a lot. All you and I have to offer IT is one hundred percent of our
      self. And that is giving it all back. Well, not all, but all we have
      got anyway. You cannot give more. And in giving it all away you get
      back more than you could ever give. And they say life is not mysterious
      eh. Huh ! Observe things closely and be a detective. Do your own
      looking, don't take books as gospel or other people, DO IT
      YOURSELF. YOU must work at it.

      Dick Richardson

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