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What is a mystic?

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  • richard_pendarvis
    What is a mystic? I will tell you, but let us first start somewhere else and talk of DEGREES. What is an Engineer? What is a Chess Player? When I left the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2010
      What is a mystic?

      I will tell you, but let us first start somewhere else and talk of

      What is an Engineer? What is a Chess Player?

      When I left the place which they called school (huh) I became an
      Engineer, so they said. The first thing which I learned to do was take
      out a spark plug, clean it and set the right gap and then put it back.
      That took about two minutes to learn. Did that make me an Engineer?
      Later, (not much later) they could throw me a drawing (plan) and would
      turn out that artefact from a lump of metal by way of a lathe. Did that
      make me an Engineer? I later did electrical Engineering, and radio and
      TV and all that stuff. What did all that make me? Well, a wee bit more
      experienced in a few things. I later did selling and then later did
      teaching. So what? It is all experience isn't it, and one was
      getting paid for doing it all anyway, and I had to eat. But there are
      engineers (both mechanical and electrical) who make me look like a
      right novice at all that. They are REAL engineers. I am not. I just
      dabbled. But I did not dabble in selling nor in teaching, I did the
      REAL job. And how. Few were around that did them better.

      I taught myself to play chess when I was seven. Did learning the moves
      make me a chess player? No. I got good at it because I put a lot into
      it? How good? Quite good. But there was also those around who made me
      look like a novice. Not many, but a few. I only ever played it for fun
      anyway, not for winning titles. I played it because I loved it. But I
      quit that when I was twenty seven. Its time had come and gone. Chess is
      one of the best lessons ever for the truth of DEGREES. As well as being
      a lot of fun. It sure sharpens the mind up and focuses it. Staying

      What is a mystic? Have you ever met one? How would you know if you
      had? By what do you judge them to be one? Are you an authority on it
      and as to who is and who is not a mystic?

      I will tell you what a mystic is. It is a person who has known both that
      Transcendent timeless paradise by being IN IT and also the Consummatum
      on Earth event which grounds it all back here again. And they can
      describe it all for you and tell you what it is like. THAT is what a
      mystic is. How many have you met ? You have met one now. Chew the
      bones out of it.

      But there are degrees are there not. There are degrees of both
      Introverted Mysticism and Extroverted Mysticism. All a part of the same
      thing however.

      The best way to imagine this, and the relative degrees of which, is to
      imagine a road. Along that road are various buildings. The further you
      walk along that road then you will know more about what is along it. If
      you have only walked ten yards then you know what is there. If you have
      walked ten miles then you know all that stuff which is behind you. But
      not what is in front of you. Not until you get there.

      EVERYBODY is on that road. So, you are a mystic. But to what degree? How
      far have you walked along that road? It is NOT a race; just as eating
      your dinner is not a race. Take your time, stop and look around you,
      enjoy the view. You are not competing with anybody. You cannot get to
      the end of street until you get there, but time and eternity can take
      care of all that.

      Yes, the destination is great, but so too is the journey. It was fun
      taking the sparking plugs out, setting the gap and the putting them
      back. And I was doing a useful job for somebody after all, and I got
      paid for it. And then going and sitting in the park in the sun in the
      lunch break and watching all the girls walk by. No hurry. Childhood was
      fantastic, I loved every moment of it. Don't try to grow up too
      fast. Let no moment go by unfound, unlived and unloved. GRAB IT ALL. Be

      However, if one even mentions some of all this stuff then one is an
      `egotists'. HUH ! A `know it all' ! Oh how sad these
      bums are. LIFELESS ! Go put a sparking plug in the machine. In the
      meantime, yeah go on, tell me all about mystics and who is and who is
      not. Folks words and their acts reveal them for what they are and where
      they are AT along that road. Mystics can see right through them, for
      they have been down that road. DON'T mess with mystics, for you are
      never going to win. You will see. Keep walking. The fog will lift.
      Remember that nice little song – ` I can see clearly now, the
      rain has gone'. :- )))) Some of the best philosophy of all time is
      found in the lyrics of some songs. Put words to music, and man that is
      powerful. I will always love you. But not a lot. And you must walk
      free. You DON'T need mystics, or books; you need LIFE.

      But, just keep in mind, that no matter where YOU are at along that road,
      we are all the same stuff and all from the same place. There is no
      `better than'. There is `no more than'. I would swap
      places with a seven your old kid today, I don't mind, it was great.
      But I am still going to finish up in the same place. But that is not
      allowed by the forces which shape our being. One cannot go backward.
      Which was the best of the lot of it? Impossible to say, for it all was.
      Sitting in the park watching the girls go by was good. Who would have
      missed any of it eh. Not me. Don't forget, there is BEING and there
      is BECOMING. The first is Eternal and unchanging, the second is
      Temporal, and changing all the time. Go with the flow. One is not
      better than the other. Just two faces of one coin. LIFE. TO BE. If you
      don't like it then try killing yourself. See if that fixes it.

      Dick Richardson. the village idiot.

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