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How can I love?

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  • richard_pendarvis
    How can I love? There are three major keys (catalysts) which open the door to Paradise. One is love, another is beauty and the other is music. But if you
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      How can I love?

      There are three major keys (catalysts) which open the door to Paradise.
      One is love, another is beauty and the other is music. But if you think
      about it you will find that they are all the same thing. Or three
      facets of one diamond, so to speak.

      How can I recognise beauty? How should I listen to music? How can I
      love? How can I live? How can I die? How can anything exist?

      Anyway, let us stick with love here. How can one do that? You cannot.
      It just flows. It happens to you. Either you let it in or you
      don't. You can easily run away from love. But what kind of a fool
      would do that I wonder, for what joy is there in existing of one does
      not love? I don't know as to how one can love, but one can sure
      put oneself in the path of it. By not resisting it. What good are you
      if you do not give yourself away? What good are you to anything if
      you are only living for you? You will find that to be a very empty
      place to be. You only come alive when you give you up to something. YOU
      cannot be YOU until you forget that YOU are there. YOU must exist for
      IT. And then IT will exist for YOU. Don't you get it? It takes
      TWO to tango. The Dualism twix I and IT, or I and Thou. It is that
      dualism which issues forth the ONENESS don't you see?

      Fools say that the opposite to love is HATE. Man, how wrong can they
      get. Hate IS a form of love. You cannot hate if you do not love.
      Anyway, hate is not a very good word. Repulsion is a better word for
      it. Love has no opposite. One could say that the only opposite is to
      not have any love flowing through one at all.

      Now, love can hit you in two ways. It can creep up on one slowly, and a
      little bit at a time and gradual build up in force. Or it can come in
      one almighty blow, full potency in one go. And that will bowl you over.
      ZAP ! And you are garrotted :- ) It is a powerful frigging force. Is
      love a Cosmological Blackmail? Well, in a way it sure is, and it gets a
      job done. But who is complaining eh :- )))

      `Oh, love is only a chemical reaction in the brain' ! OK,
      fine, let it role :- ) Who gives a fuck what it is. PRAGMATISM lad. Get
      with it.

      But it is rather strange isn't it. For we find small doses of love
      here on earth, and some rightly say that love makes the world go
      around. Well, is sure does not make the earth spin and orbit around the
      sun, but this is just a good place to live for a while isn't it. But
      it is funny in which case that the biggest dose of love ever is found
      in that transcendent timeless paradesium. Don't say that it
      isn't for that will only show your ignorance. IT IS.

      Most of it is found there and bits of it are found here on earth. But
      think on this. What does a capacitor do? It lets a charge migrate from
      one plate to another plate. A flow of positive charge. When there is an
      equal amount of love on earth as there is in eternity then a balance
      would arise. Evolution is not over yet you know.

      But what is it here on earth that loves? It is ME ! What is it in
      Paradise which loves? It is ME. Don't you get it? I AM. And I AM
      the first thing ever to issue forth from the stuff of NO CREATED THING.
      The first to come will be last to arrive on earth. My gawd you are so
      slow on the uptake :- ) GET WITH IT ! And Know Thy SELF.

      The stars will dance for me, not I for them. Go do some learning. And
      start with your self. For it all begins and ends there, but in the
      meantime there is Thou. Oh boy, life is weird innit. But tis good. Try
      it. You don't come alive until you give yourself away on this
      world. Where I come from you cannot give yourself away. But you can
      leave that place and come here. Here is where I like to be. Not
      Paradise, I cannot do anything there. But I can here. Mystics!
      Sheesh, they are all frigging mystics ain't they. And they would
      sell their granny for a buck. And religion is the worst virus ever to
      plague the mind of Man. DUMP it all, and walk FREE. There is a war going
      on here. I will take them on. Will you? Will you help me? I cannot
      do it alone.

      Dick Richardson. Depth Psychology.

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