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The Oldest and Ultimate Question

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  • richard_pendarvis
    The Oldest and Ultimate Question They tell me, and I also read, that the oldest question of all, and for which an answer is still being sought, is the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2010
      The Oldest and Ultimate Question

      They tell me, and I also read, that the oldest question of all, and for
      which an answer is still being sought, is the question - WHO AM I.
      Followed by the question where do I hang out. Where am I to be found.

      The question, alas, is a bum question. Bum questions, as I wrote fifty
      years ago, are bum questions because they are the wrong questions and
      thus they have no answer, and no answer to be found. Questions like
      `Why have all Irishmen got seventeen legs'. It is a silly
      question and it does not apply to reality as we find it around us and
      know it to be.

      The question should have been WHAT AM I. But they don't ask that
      question. So they don't get an answer to it. If you ever want any
      hope of ever finding answers to questions then it is imperative that
      you ask the right questions to start with. And that means asking
      questions about stuff that actually exists. This world seems to be
      far more interested in stuff that does not exist, than stuff that is yet
      known to exist. Do you exist? Do you ask questions about that? It
      would be wise to.

      In view of the fact that society, and with all its methods of analysis
      and observation, have failed to find an answer to the question of SELF,
      and what it is, then many, maybe even most people now, have deduced or
      decided to believe, that there is no SELF to be found. BUT THERE IS.
      Also, if you try thinking about it then you would soon realise that you
      could never find that there were no SELF. You cannot find something
      that AIN'T. You cannot find a `not there'. You can ONLY find
      what IS there. And we do.

      Does it reveal WHO I am? No. It reveals WHAT I AM. Does it reveal
      where that SELF is at, where it hangs out? YES, it does. What happens
      when you tell them this? DON'T TRY. It is not worth the effort of
      trying to tell them. Let them find out for themselves. They will. One
      day. But not yet.

      If ever advanced intelligent aliens came to watch this world do you know
      what the first thing would be that they would be looking for? I do. For
      I would be looking for that same thing too if I visited another world.
      They would be looking to see if Humanity knew what it was and where it
      comes from. It would take them less than one minute of observation to
      realise that they did not know. And then they would go away again.
      Maybe to come back another day, another millennium or two, or three or

      But, I will give you a clue. It is only discovered by deconstruction.
      That means taking away all the bits that I AM NOT. The bit that is left
      when no more can be taken away is ME. RAW and Primordial stuff. And it
      (me there) is Conscious and aware, and it knows what it knows. And it
      sure ain't human and it is not a who, it is a what. It does not
      mean thinking away all the bits that I AM NOT (like Descartes tried to
      do), it means them being TAKEN away. Going beyond ALL those bits. They
      will never accept it by hearsay will they. So be it. But there is no
      need, for hearsay is not needed for that job. Neither is thinking.

      Have you ever read in any book what that SELF is and what it is like?
      I have never found it written in any book. Nor in any scientific
      journal, nor in any philosophy, nor in any religion or belief system.
      And no man or woman has ever told me. Why? You figure it, you ought to
      be able to manage that easy enough. Take way everything that you are
      NOT and you will find what you ARE. Can you do that? IT happens.

      But when you find it, then you will realise that it is so important to
      know it. But you will also realise that there is one thing even more
      important to know. And that is to know what you are NOT. See if you can
      find out why. Do you think that you are a good detective? Then go for
      it. When I found what I was I was gobsmacked. But I still asked myself
      `SO WHAT'. And there was so much more to learn. The second part
      of the journey of comprehension. Which part are you on?

      If, (big if though it be) what I wrote on all this in part fifty years
      ago and then the rest of it thirty years ago, lasted for a thousand
      years, then I bet you a pound to a pinch of salt that they would then
      be reading it, and not laughing. But I will never know that will I.
      Neither will you; for you will not be here in a thousands years time
      either. Good fortune in the remainder of the time which you have here.
      Use it well, and make it worthy of the stuff that we are, and from
      whence we come. For I am the stuff which is issued forth FIRST. And
      you have not got a clue what I am talking about have you. You will
      have, one day. It is unavoidable.

      Dick Richardson.

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