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Re; Mystical Musings

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  • richard_pendarvis
    Re; Mystical Musings Ref Limbo [Re: Mystical Musings I dunno ... I have meditated and experienced no-thought. You don t notice it whilst you are in it, you
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      Re; Mystical Musings

      Ref Limbo

      [Re: Mystical Musings

      I dunno ... I have meditated and "experienced" no-thought. You don't
      notice it
      whilst you are in it, you just note once you are back into normal
      that there was a gap where you expected to be some sort of record. I am
      wondering if this "Limbo" may be the same thing. You can recall the span
      time in your memory where something should be but isn't, and such a gap
      makes a
      big impression. I do not recall being "present, observing" ... so if
      "Limbo" is similar, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it. ]

      No, it has nothing to do with simply stopping thinking, or meditating.
      One can still think and remember ones past life in LIMBO. Think of it as
      the first part of the Journey across the Styx, or the Valley of the
      Shadow of Death.

      It would take far too long to go into detail here but I did document it
      all fifty years ago. Think of as the first part of a Near Death
      Experience (they happen naturally without having been hit by a truck or
      being ill or sick) but there are things that go way beyond documented
      accounts of NDE's. But this LIMBO mode is the place to be alone, in
      the dark, to reflect upon life, and there is no option there but to
      assess your past life and then assess yourself. There is nobody there
      to fool, and one cannot fool oneself. When that is done then you move
      on to some place else. It is all rather amazing stuff and heap of new
      learning. When or IF you come back here after the whole round trip you
      will not see things and understand them as you did before. And that is a
      fact. Wait and see for yourself, for it cannot be avoided. The rational
      discursive mind would not reason all this out, you have to go there to
      know it, and it is all uncontradictable.

      IF you do come back here then the whole round trip can take under four


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